Data about shootings by police officers can be hard to find, so The Frontier actively tries to collect and store as much information as possible on every shooting.

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Date: May 17
Location: Shawnee
Department(s) involved: Shawnee Police Department
Shot: Not yet released.
Race: Not yet released.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes, with a gun.
Details: Authorities told FOX25 the man was armed with a gun, and was pointing it at passing vehicles. When officers arrived, he allegedly pointed the gun at them, and he was shot and killed. \

Date: May 12
Location: Beckham County
Department(s) involved: Beckham County Sheriff’s Office
Shot: Unreleased.
Race: Unreleased.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Police said the man had a gun.
Details: The only information authorities have released so far is that deputies with Beckham County’s sheriff’s office shot and killed a man following a pursuit. The man allegedly had a firearm.

Date: May 8
Location: Okmulgee
Department(s) involved: Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office
Shot: Matthew Guffey, 43.
Race: White
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Authorities said he had a knife.
Details: Authorities told Fox23 only that Guffey had a knife and “a confrontation developed.” Guffey was shot by a deputy and was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Date: April 22
Location: South Tulsa  
Department(s) involved: Bixby Police Department
Shot: Jeremy Shane Brown, 48.
Race: White
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes, with a gun.
Details: Brown was reportedly seen carrying a gun and “firing off shots” in the parking lot of a Tulsa convenience store. He was shot and killed by Bixby Police officers.


Date: March 25
Location: Moore 
Department(s) involved: Moore Police Department
Shot: Brian D. Payne, 55
Race: White
Fatal: Yes
Armed: Yes, with a knife.
Details: Moore police said they found Payne inside a stolen vehicle. He exited the vehicle with a knife, according to officers, and ran away. Officers pursued, according to video released by the department, and eventually Payne turned toward officers with the knife above his head, threatening to kill himself. He was shot and killed.

Date: March 1
Location: Tulsa
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department
Shot: Stormy Fuller, 32
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes. 
Armed: Yes, with a gun.
Details: Fuller allegedly broke into a home near downtown that was under renovation. Police told NewsOn6 Fuller fired a gun at them, then fled down an alley. He then allegedly “pointed the gun at (officers) or shot” at them again, at which point he was shot and killed.


Date: Feb. 18
Location: Tulsa
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department
Shot: The man’s identity has not yet been released.
Race: Not released.
Fatal: Not released. The Tulsa World said the man was in critical condition.
Armed: Police said the man was armed with a pistol.
Details: The man was originally a suspect in a hit and run, but was shot by police after allegedly aggressively charging an officer and asking to be shot, police said. Officers found a pistol on him, they said.

Date: Feb. 15
Location: Hugo
Department(s) involved: Hugo Police Department
Shot: The man’s identity has not been released.
Race: Not released.
Fatal: The department said the man had been hospitalized in Dallas following the shooting but released no further details.
Armed: Yes, police said the man had a gun and fired at officers.
Details: All the OSBI has said is that Hugo police saw a man “known to have felony warrants”, and that officers struggled with the man, who fled on foot. The man later allegedly fired at officers, who returned fire and struck him. He was flown to a Dallas hospital and no further updates have been released.

Date: Feb. 9
Location: Spiro
Department(s) involved: Spiro Police Department
Shot: Damon Dante Henderson, 30.
Race: Black
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes, with a gun.
Details: Police had been looking for Henderson, who reportedly brandished a weapon in public the night before, for at least one day before finding him. Police reported that they located Henderson on Feb. 9, and that he shot a patrol vehicle before being shot in return fire. According to the OSBI, Henderson was taken to a local hospital where he died.

Date: Feb. 2
Location: Wyandotte, River Bend Casino
Department(s) involved: Wyandotte Nation Police
Shot: Unreleased
Race: Unreleased
Fatal: No. The latest update had the person in critical condition
Armed: Unreleased. The person was reportedly holding a knife.
Details: Little information has been released about the shooting. A Wyandotte Nation Police officer reportedly shot a suspect at 9:50 a.m. following an “altercation,” in which the suspect was Tased and eventually shot. The FBI is handling the investigation because the person was shot on tribal land.


Date: Jan. 14
Location: McAlester
Department(s) involved: McAlester Police Department, Krebs Police Department.
Shot: James Klembara
Race: Not released.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Authorities have said the man had a “carbine rifle.”
Details: Officers arrived at the man’s home after being notified he was having a “mental episode,” the OSBI told KFOR. When officers arrived, the man had a rifle, police said. No other information has been released except that the man was shot and killed after reportedly refusing to drop the gun.

Date: Jan. 9
Location: Guymon  
Department(s) involved: Guymon Police Department
Shot: Chiewelthap Mariar, 26.  
Race: Black 
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes, with a knife.
Details: Police said they received a call the night of Jan. 9 about a disgruntled employee at a local business. Police said they arrived and saw Mariar, who “produced a knife” and began walking toward officers. Police told KFOR they first Tased Mariar before shooting him. He died at an area hospital.