Shot by Shot: Oklahoma officer-involved shootings in 2019


The following is a list of every officer-involved shooting in Oklahoma in 2019.

Data about officer-involved shootings can be hard to find, so The Frontier actively tries to collect and store as much information as possible on every shooting.

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Prior years

May shootings

Derrec Jamal Shaw, 25.

Friday, May 10
Time: Evening
Location: Derrec Jamal Shaw, 25,  reportedly shot a civilian at 4900 S. Peoria, then left running southbound on I-44 when he was shot and killed by a Tulsa Police Department officer.
Officers involved: Tulsa police have not yet released the identity of the police officer.
Shot: Derrec Jamal Shaw, 25.
Race: The Oklahoma Department of Corrections identified Shaw as black, while Tulsa police identified him as white on Monday.
Officer race: Unknown.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes. Shaw apparently selected a victim at random outside of CiCi’s pizza at 4900 S. Peoria, then left running southbound on I-44 when he was shot and killed by a Tulsa Police Department officer whose identity has not yet been revealed.

April summary

There were at least five officer involved shootings in April, one of which was fatal. Though April there have been at least 16 officer-involved shootings and at least eight fatal officer-involved shootings, records show.

Two of the people shot by law enforcement in April were black and two were white. The identity and race of the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was shot by a fellow deputy in April has not been released.

The only fatal shooting in April was that of Isaiah Lewis, a 17-year-old from Edmond who was shot and killed April 29. Lewis, who police have said was unarmed, was reportedly running through his neighborhood while naked, then entered an occupied home and struggled with responding officers who Tased, then shot him.

Lewis’ shooting was one of only two instances where agencies involved released the identities of their officers. Edmond police identified their officers as Sgt. Milo Box and officer Denton Scherman.

Officers were also involved in the Hugo police shooting of 21-year-old William Devaughn Smith. Smith, a suspect in a restaurant robbery there, was being pursued by detectives Billy Jenkins and Chad Allen in an unmarked vehicle. Jenkins and Allen opened fire at Smith, striking him and three children who were in the car with him at the time. All four survived.

No information has been released about the officers involved in the Phillip Hardman shooting, the Michael Lynn Burton shooting or the April 3 shooting of a Rogers County Sheriff’s Office deputy by a fellow deputy. Hardman, Burton, and the unidentified Rogers County deputy all survived.

January — 5 (3 fatal)
February — 1 (1 fatal)
March — 5 (3 fatal)
April — 5 (1 fatal)

April shootings

Isaiah Lewis, 17.

Monday, April 29
Time: After 2 p.m.
Location: 500 block of Gray Fox Run in Edmond.
Officers involved: Edmond Police Department. Sgt. Milo Box and officer Denton Scherman. 
Shot: Isaiah Lewis, 17.
Race: Black.
Officer race: Scherman is white. Information about Box has not been released. .  
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Lewis was reportedly running through an Edmond neighborhood while naked, and reportedly forced his way into a nearby home and fought with responding officers who first stunned Lewis using a Taser. Police have said that Lewis was unarmed. 

William Devaughn Smith, 21. Courtesy

Friday, April 26
Time: 2 p.m.
Location: 400 West Bissell Street, in Hugo
Officers involved: Hugo Police Department. Billy Jenkins and Chad Allen are the names of the Hugo officers, according to Hugo Assistant Police Chief John Mitchell. 
Shot: Two children, whose names have not been released, were shot by officers, and another was injured but not struck by a bullet. All three children were 5-years-old or younger, according to their mother, Olivia Hill. Hugo police said one child was struck in the head. Smith was also shot, police said, but survived. Smith was arrested for robbery. The Tulsa World identified the wounded children as La’Kvionn, 5, Asia 4, and Daidriona, 1. 
Race: Black.
Officer race: Unknown.
Fatal: No. Smith and the children survived the shooting.
Armed: No. Police said they were trying to speak with 21-year-old William Devaughn Smith, a suspect in a recent robbery, when Smith struck an officer with his pickup. Officers fired shots at the vehicle, which included Smith, a woman named Olivia Hill, and Hill’s four children.

Phillip Christopher Hardman, 29.

Wednesday, April 24
Time: 4:15 a.m.
Location: Near Highway 41 and Campbell Creek Road in Sand Springs
Officers involved: Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers and deputies with the Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office.
Shot: Phillip Christopher Hardman, 29.
Race: White.
Officer race: Information about the officers has not yet been released.
Fatal: No.
Armed: Yes. Investigators have said that Hardman exchanged fired with an OHP trooper, who was not struck by the gunfire. Hardman was hospitalized following the shooting.

Michael Lynn Burton, 57.

Sunday, April 7
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Avendale Pointe Apartments near NW 52nd St. and Rogers Lane
Officers involved: Lawton Police Department
Shot: Michael Lynn Burton, 57.
Race: White
Officer race: Officers involved in the shooting have not yet had their identities released by the department.
Fatal: No.
Armed: No. Police have said that Burton was suicidal, but turned the investigation over to the OSBI after only saying that “something happened” between Burton and responding officers. The OSBI stated in a release that Burton, who was suicidal, was swinging a firearm “aggressively” at officers and would not drop the weapon prior to being shot. Burton was later charged with feloniously pointing a firearm.

Photo unavailable

Wednesday, April 3
Time: About midnight
Officers involved: Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, Oologah Police Department.
Shot: A Rogers County deputy was shot by another deputy whose gun was fired accidentally, Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said. Neither deputy’s identity has been released.
Race: Unknown.
Officer race: Unknown.
Fatal: No.
Armed: Deputies were attempting to arrest Kelby Bradshaw, who Walton said was in a physical encounter with the deputies. Bradshaw was arrested and the deputy who was shot was treated and released that day.

March summary

At least five people were shot by Oklahoma law enforcement in March, and three of the shootings were fatal, records show.

All five people who were shot were men, three of whom (Brogdon, Watie, and Capers,) were allegedly armed with knives at the time of the shooting.

Three of the people who were shot were white, one was Native American and the other was a black teenager named Lorenzo Clerkly Jr, 14. Clerkley allegedly had a BB gun in his hands when he was shot by Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Kyle Holcomb.

The identities of officers involved in the shootings were released in every case except that Capers shooting. Chickasha police have not released the identity of the officer involved in that shooting.

January — 5 (3 fatal)
February — 1 (1 fatal)
March — 5 (3 fatal)

March shootings

Kevin Samuel Capers, 47.

Wednesday, March 27
Time: 9:45 p.m.
Location: Chickasha, about 37 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.
Officers involved: Chickasha Police Department.
Shot: Kevin Samuel Capers, 47.
Race: White.
Officer race: Officers involved in the shooting have not had their identities released yet.
Fatal: Yes
Armed: Capers, police said, was holding a knife and threatening his girlfriend, then turned toward officers as they entered the home.

Chris Ryan Mills, 34.

Monday, March 18
Time: 12:30 a.m.
Location: Blair, a small town about an hour west of Lawton
Officers involved: Josh Tinsley, Oklahoma Highway Patrol.
Shot: Chris Ryan Mills, 34.
Race: White.
Officer race: White.
Fatal: No.
Armed: The Oklahoma Highway Patrol did not say that Mills was armed with a weapon, only that Mills “became combative,” and that an “altercation took place” between Mills and the trooper.

Shawn Taylor Watie, 27. Courtesy

Thursday, March 14
Time: About 10 a.m.
Location: South of Sallisaw on Highway 59, near Interstate 40.
Officers involved: Sallisaw Police Department Officer Devin Harriman and Detective Coty Biles.
Shot: Shawn Taylor Watie, 27.
Race: Native American.
Officer race: Both officers are white.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Watie was allegedly armed with a knife, and though police there he said he “pulled” the weapon, it’s unclear why Watie would have done so. Police reportedly thought Watie was 30-year-old Travis Lee Davis, a Missouri man who had recently escaped from jail there and was thought to be in Oklahoma. Watie does not have much resemblance to Davis, who is white and has a large tattoo covering the entire front of his neck.

Lorenzo Clerkley Jr., 14. Courtesy.

Sunday, March 10
Time: About 5:45 p.m.
Location: 5700 block of Evanbrook Terrace, Oklahoma City.
Officers involved: Sgt. Kyle Holcomb, Oklahoma City Police.
Shot: Lorenzo Clerkley Jr., 14.
Race: Black
Officer race: White
Fatal: No.
Armed: Oklahoma City Police were reportedly on the scene after being told that kids were armed with guns and burglarizing vacant homes in the area. Clerkley’s mother told News9 that her son had a BB gun at the time he was shot. Police said Clerkley was told to drop the BB gun and refused prior to being shot.

Danny Brogdon. Courtesy

Wednesday, March 6
Time: Afternoon.
Location: 1539 N. 18th Street, Muskogee. 
Officers involved: Muskogee officers: Sgt. Ron Yates, Sgt. Jeremy Jenkins, Officer Jody Standridge, Officer Danny Dupont, Officer Michelle Ogden, Officer Shawn Brown, Officer Josh Garza, Officer Donald Cox.
Shot: Danny Brogdon, 56
Race: White
Officer race: All eight officers identified by the police department are white.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Muskogee police arrived to Brogdon’s address after it was reported he had stabbed one woman and was attacking her daughter. Brogdon, police said, “advanced” on police officers with the knife and was killed after they had used less lethal means to try to subdue him.

February summary

The only officer-involved shooting in the month of February was the fatal Feb. 9 shooting of Gabriel Lane Carter, 25.

Carter, who was white, was shot and killed after being stopped while allegedly shoplifting, police said. Carter resisted, pulled a firearm and shot two law enforcers, both of whom survived.

January — 5 (3 fatal)
February — 1 (1 fatal)

February shootings

Gabriel Lane Carter, 25. Courtesy

Saturday, Feb. 9
Time: 10:45 p.m.
Location: Walmart, 5401 Tinker Diagonal, in Del City.
Officers involved: An officer from the Del City Police Department shot and killed Gabriel Lane Carter, 25, following a shootout.
Shot: Gabriel Lane Carter, 25.
Race: White.
Officer race: Unknown.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Carter was shot in the back after confronted by Walmart security for shoplifting, police said. Carter allegedly resisted arrested and pulled out a pistol and shot the security guard twice. He then began firing at police officers in the small office room where he was being detained inside the store.

The security guard who was shot, 51-year-old Marvin Asche, was shot twice, but survived. The Del City Officer was shot in the leg and was released from the hospital.

January summary

There were at least five officer-involved shootings in January, according to records reviewed by The Frontier, at least three of which were fatal.

All five people who were shot were male, and all were white.

The identities of officers who fired the shots have been released in three cases, while two remain under investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation as of Feb. 1.

Three of the five men who were shot by police were armed with guns. At least three had criminal records.

January — 5 (3 fatal)

January Shootings

Kirk Dustin Shields, 38.

Wednesday, January 30
Time: 6:05 p.m.
Location: 2600 block of West Park Place in Oklahoma City.
Officers involved: Brandon Lee, Oklahoma City Police Department.
Shot: Kirk Dustin Shields, 38.
Race: White.
Officer race: White.
Fatal: No.
Armed: Oklahoma City Police have said officers encountered Shields, who had allegedly escaped from the Carver Transitional Center, a halfway house, and had also allegedly assaulted a man just prior to the shooting. Shields was allegedly armed with a “crowbar-type” instrument, police said, and charged at officers. Tasers, police reported, were ineffective against him.

Terry Lee Cockrell, 57.

Wednesday, January 16
Time: 10:14 p.m.
Location: 7600 block of North Madison Avenue, in Tulsa.
Officers involved: Mic Bonin, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.
Shot: Terry Lee Cockrell, 57.
Race: White
Officer race: White.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes. Cockrell had allegedly violated a protective order by going to his ex-girlfriend’s house. When deputies arrived, Cockrell allegedly told them he had a gun in his pocket and he wanted a deputy to shoot him, according to TCSO. When Cockrell reached for the pocket, the deputy fired his weapon, killing Cockrell.

Cody Allan Longstreet, 30.

Thursday, Jan. 10
Time: About 4:30 a.m.
Location: SE 23rd and S Central in Oklahoma City.
Officers involved: Police identified the officers involved as Sgt. Samuel Pagel, Officer Jose Colmenares, Sgt. Joshua Castlebury and Officer Troy Nitzky. Castlebury and Nitzky are the officers who fired.
Shot: Cody Alan Longstreet, 30.
Race: White
Officer race: Unknown.
Fatal: No
Armed: Oklahoma City Police said Longstreet was driving a stolen vehicle when he fled from pursuing officers on foot near SE 25th and Byers. Longstreet allegedly had a gun and was Tased, which was ineffective, then shot and transported to the hospital.

Jeremy Dale Edmonds, 42.

Monday, Jan. 7
Time: About 2:30 p.m.
Location: 35 N. Louisville Avenue, in Tulsa.
Officers involved: The names of the two U.S. marshals who shot Jeremy Dale Edmonds, 42, have not yet been released.
Shot: Jeremy Dale Edmonds, 42.
Race: White
Officer race: Unknown.
Fatal: Yes
Armed: Authorities have said Edmonds was armed with a knife. The warrant being served on him was for an allegation of domestic assault and battery by strangulation, records show.

James McDonald. Courtesy

Sunday, Jan. 6
Time: About 6 a.m.
Location: Near Highway 115 and Oak Street in Cache.
Officers involved: The names of the officers involved in the shooting have not been released. Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley said his deputies as well as the Cache Police Department were on the scene.
Shot: James McDonald.
Race: Black.
Officer race: Unknown.
Fatal: Yes
Armed: Stradley said McDonald had allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend (killing him,) then shot deputy William Perry before returning to the home and setting it on fire. McDonald allegedly shot an officer during a lengthy standoff, then was shot and killed while trying to drive away from the scene. McDonald had been armed with a rifle, shotgun and handgun, authorities said. Police have said McDonald was a retired military member and suffered from PTSD.

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