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Correction: Jan. 11, 2024: The story A firebombing in Tulsa highlights gaps in Oklahoma hate crime law missreported the towns that Rural Oklahoma Pride has held LGBTQ celebrations.

Correction: Oct. 12, 2023: The story One Oklahoma lawmaker says Richard Glossip’s claim of innocence should be enough to halt executions misreported the agency responsible for setting Oklahoma’s execution schedule.

Correction: July 10, 2023: The story Oklahoma faces critical shortage of school counselors mislabeled the job done by Eryn Wallis, a school counselor.

Correction: May 23, 2023: The story “Most companies on Oklahoma’s blacklist aren’t actually subject to a state law banning ‘woke’ investing. The State Treasurer added them anyway” misidentified Adrian Beverage, president and CEO of the Oklahoma Bankers Association.

Correction: March 9, 2023: The story “Oklahoma didn’t say ‘no’ to recreational pot – it said ‘hell no’” transposed data for two counties, Major and McClain.

Correction: July 26, 2022: The story “A poor wheat harvest as Oklahoma faces a hotter, drier future” incorrectly identified a plant in a photo caption and the story.

Correction: April 7, 2022: The story “Oklahoma’s big bet on an EV startup” misstated the date that Canoo projects to begin production at a factory in Arkansas The company expects to begin production this year, not next year.

Correction: Oct. 28, 2021: The story “A federal appeals court has halted Oklahoma’s first planned executions in six years” misstated who was responsible for denying John Marion Grant’s clemency application. The state’s Pardon and Parole Board declined the application, not Gov. Kevin Stitt.

Correction: June 3, 2021: The story We fact checked the debate over a new law on what Oklahoma students learn about race” originally misstated information about a class offered at Oklahoma City Community College based on information provided by the school. The class was offered in the social sciences division, not the health profession division.

Clarification: May 21, 2021: A previous version of the story “Oklahoma Public Health Lab director resigning after 4 months on the job” stated some of the lab’s work was temporarily done out of a trailer. Though the mobile lab will be used for that purpose, it won’t arrive in Oklahoma until the fall.

Clarification: May 3, 2021: After further review to the projected reductions in Medicaid service utilization, we changed our call from “mostly false” to “somewhat misleading” in the story “We fact checked the debate over privatizing Medicaid in Oklahoma.” Only the rating has been changed. While it’s true that hospitalization service utilization could be reduced by 40 percent, the cited tweet contains incomplete information.

Correction: Feb. 22, 2021: The story Oklahoma County promised to fix its jail more than 10 year ago, but deaths and staffing issues continue” misstated how the Oklahoma County Detention Center ‘s death rate compares to the rest of the nation. The Oklahoma County Detention Center had a death rate of 3.3 per 1,000 over the past 10 years, which is more than the national average of 1.46 deaths per 1,000 for the same period, not less than the national average.

Corrections policy

Corrections of minor fact errors including dates, numbers or the spelling of a name, will be added in italics to the bottom of the story on our website with the date. 

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When a story is factually correct, but requires further explanation or additional information that was not included in the original story, we will publish a clarification. A note about the clarification will be published at the top of the story in italics with the date.

All clarifications also will be published on The Frontier’s corrections page. A clarification can also be used to note that new reporting or new sources have changed our understanding of a situation or event.

All corrections, clarification and editor’s notes require the approval of the editor. 

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