Data about shootings by police officers can be hard to find, so The Frontier actively tries to collect and store as much information as possible on every shooting.

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Past years


​​Date: July 14
Location: Tulsa
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department
Shot: The person who was shot has not had their identity released, but was described in news reports as a male.
Race: Not released. 
Fatal: No.
Armed: Police said the man was “waving a gun on the side of the highway,” according to Fox 23
Details: The station said the man was shot in the leg and taken to a hospital.

Michele Dorene Burke, 55. Courtesy

Date: July 5
Location: Tulsa
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department
Shot: Michele Dorene Burke, 55.
Race: White.
Fatal: No. 
Armed: Police said Burke was armed “with a revolver.” Burke reportedly pointed the handgun at an officer before she was shot. 
Details: Police said Burke was trespassing at a condemned midtown home she had previously owned and was seen with a sword, prompting a police response. Police said Burke was “incoherent and screaming” and was at times armed with a handgun. An officer shot Burke twice after an hours-long standoff, saying they believed Burke’s “actions were putting people in grave danger,” according to a media release.


​​Date: June 20
Location: Ponca City
Department(s) involved: Ponca City Police.
Shot: The man’s name has not yet been released.
Race: The man’s raace has not yet been released.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Police said the man was seen with “a gun in the middle of the street,” and the OSBI said they “recovered a weapon” after the man was killed. They have not said whether it was a real gun, or what type of weapon they recovered.
Details: According to an OSBI news release, a man stole alcohol from a liquor store, then allegedly stole a car from a woman. The man allegedly drove the car into a “grassy field” before abandoning it and running away. Officers said the man turned toward them and “appeared to have a gun.” Officers shot and killed the man. 

​​Date: June 19
Location: Anadarko
Department(s) involved: Caddo County Sheriff’s Office.
Shot: Roy Sink, 48.
Race: American Indian.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Police only said Sink “brandished a weapon.” Sink’s mother told KFOR it “may have been a machete.” 
Details: The OSBI said Sink “brandished a weapon” at a responding deputy and was shot and killed. They did not say what the weapon was. Sink’s mother said he called her before the shooting to say he was breaking out windows of his home and needed help. 

​​Date: June 18
Location: Garvin County
Department(s) involved: Pauls Valley Police, Lindsey Police, Chickasaw Lighthorse police. 
Shot: William Philpott, 39.
Race: Philpott’s race has not yet been released.
Fatal: No.
Armed: The OSBI said Philpott had a handgun.
Details: Philpott allegedly wore body armor and shot a gun at responding officers for two hours before Chickasaw Lighthorse police brought an armored vehicle. Philpott, according to the OSBI, “raised his pistol” at the officers and “was shot three times.” He was hospitalized after the shooting, but police said he would be arrested after his release.


​​Date: May 31
Location: Chickasha
Department(s) involved: Chickasha Police Department
Shot: Justin Keith Henderson, 34.
Race: White.
Fatal: No.
Armed: Police said it appeared Henderson was “armed with a rifle.”
Details: Police arrived after a caller reported seeing a man yelling in the street, according to the OSBI. When officers arrived, Henderson allegedly entered his home, then appeared in the doorway of the house “with what appeared to be a rifle.” He was shot and hospitalized with non-life threatening wounds, according to the OSBI.

​​Date: May 23
Location: Guymon
Department(s) involved: Guymon Police Department
Shot: Randal Haynes, 53.
Race: Not yet released. 
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Police said Haynes was armed with a “long gun.”
Details: Guymon police said they received a call from a caller who was “making odd statements.” When they arrived at the home, they said they found Haynes in the driveway with a long gun. Haynes then went inside, police said, and came back out with a second long gun. He was shot and killed after allegedly pointing the gun at officers.

​​Date: May 14
Location: Sallisaw
Department(s) involved: Sallisaw Police Department
Shot: The identity of the person who was shot has not been released, but the victim has been described by the police as a male. 
Race: Sallisaw Police didn’t release the race of the man they shot, but the OSBI told 5News that the shooting fell “under the McGirt Supreme Court” ruling so the victim may be American Indian.
Fatal: Yes
Armed: Police said the man had a knife. 
Details: The OSBI told 5News the man was walking westbound in eastbound lanes of Highway 64, forcing vehicles to avoid him. Police arrived and the man reportedly pulled a knife. He was shot not long after.

Date: May 13
Location: Oklahoma City
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma City Police Department
Shot: Darren Solomon, 51.
Race: White.
Fatal: No.
Armed: Police said Solomon had a pellet gun.
Details: Police said they were serving a warrant at Solomon’s house when he stepped out of the home and pointed a handgun at the police helicopter that was hovering above his home. Master Sgt. Michael Pribble and Staff Sgt. Trevor Walters were identified by the department as having shot their weapons at Solomon. Police said Solomon’s “handgun” turned out to be a pellet gun. 

​​Date: May 13
Location: Red Oak, in Latimer County about 40 miles east of McAlester. 
Department(s) involved: Latimer County Sheriff’s Office and Oklahoma Highway Patrol.
Shot: Wyatt McBride, 24.
Race: White.
Fatal: No.
Armed: Police said McBride had a “long gun.”
Details: McBride allegedly broke into a home and stole a gun, then threatened a Latimer County deputy, who called OHP for assistance. The OHP trooper arrived and reported that he shot McBride after McBride allegedly pointed the “long gun” at them. 

​​Date: May 8
Location: Tulsa
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police
Shot: Luis Torres, 21.
Race: Hispanic.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Police said Torres had a sword.
Details: Police said they saw Torres attacking his father with a sword, and an officer, who has not been identified by the department, shot and killed him. 

​​Date: May 1
Location: Hooker
Department(s) involved: Hooker Police Department
Shot: Scott Osborn, 47. 
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Police said Osborn had a gun.
Details: Hooker police said they tried to make a traffic stop when Osborn fled, leading them on a short chase. He exited with a gun, police said, and was shot following a three-house standoff after allegedly pointing the gun at them.



Guy Walker.

Date: April 18
Location: Vinita
Department(s) involved: Craig County Sheriff’s Office, Vinita Police Department.
Shot: Guy Walker, 44.
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Police said Walker had a bow and arrow.
Details: Authorities arrived at Walker’s home in Vinita after receiving reports someone had been putting cement blocks on railroad tracks in an effort to derail trains. Neighbors told NewsOn6 that Walker had struggled with mental health issues. Authorities said Walker “waved a bow and arrow in a threatening way,” according to NewsOn6, at which point officers shot and killed him. 


Dwayne Jackson.

Date: April 11
Location: Tulsa
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department.
Shot: Dwayne Jackson, 27.
Race: Black.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Jackson had a gun, police said.
Details: Tulsa police were investigating reports of a naked man with a rifle when they found Jackson, who they said was holding a gun, alongside two women. Jackson shot one of the women in the chest, police said, and officers responded by shooting and killing him. The woman Jackson shot later died. 

James Wesley Morrison.

Date: April 7
Location: Norman
Department(s) involved: Norman Police Department.
Shot: James Wesley Morrison, 49.
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Norman police said Morrison fired a gun at them during a pursuit.
Details: Norman Police said in a release they were looking for a suspect in a domestic disturbance when they located Morrison, who matched the description of the suspect. Morrison sped away, police said, leading them on a pursuit. Police eventually disabled his vehicle, and Morrison then pointed and fired a weapon at them, according to a release by NPD. He was then shot and killed. Norman police identified the officers involved in the shooting as: Master Police Officer Brian Browning, Master Police Officer Aaron Deese, Master Police Officer Jonatan Kieft, and Sgt. Michael Lauderback

Charles Carswell, 32. Courtesy

Date: April 2
Location: On the Turner Turnpike near the Luther exit.
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Shot: Charles Carswell, 32.
Race: White
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes. Authorities said Carswell fired a handgun at pursuing troopers before being shot and killed. 
Details: Police were told by Arizona authorities that Carswell had been involved in an armed robbery and could be in Oklahoma. His vehicle was first spotted in Canadian County, authorities said. During a pursuit Carswell reportedly fired at officers with a handgun before stopping his vehicle and retrieving a rifle.


Date: March 31
Location: Edmond
Department(s) involved: Edmond Police Department
Shot: Gabriel David Worden, 45.
Race: Worden’s race has not been released by the department.
Fatal: No. Worden was shot twice in the abdomen but survived, police said.
Armed: Yes. Witnesses told police Worden had fired a gun inside a home, and he reportedly continued to fire the gun after officers arrived. Details: Police said a man called 911 and said Worden was “going crazy” and was “loading a gun.” Worden reportedly fired the gun inside the home and continued to fire the gun after leaving the home.

Date: March 26
Location: Ada
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Shot: Timothy Yocom, 38.
Race: Yocom’s race was not released.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes, authorities said Yocom fired a gun at officers. Details: Authorities told KFOR that Ada police initially arrived for a domestic disturbance call, but were allegedly met with gunfire from Yocom. Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers entered the apartment Yocom was in and shot and killed him.

​​Date: March 5
Location: Tulsa
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department
Shot: The person has so far only been identified as a 65-year-old white male, according to police.
Race: White.
Fatal: The person who was shot was hospitalized in critical condition, police said, but no update has been released on his condition.
Armed: No. Police have said the man was striking police vehicles with his car when he was shot.
Details: Tulsa Police told NewsOn6 the man was driving “erratically” in downtown, before eventually heading west on Charles Page Boulevard. He allegedly struck a police vehicle downtown and then again after leaving downtown, and was shot by an officer. The man crashed his vehicle into a tree, police said.

​​Date: March 2
Location: Wagoner
Department(s) involved: Wagoner Police Department
Shot: The identity of the person who was shot has not yet been released.
Race: Not released.
Fatal: Not released. The suspect was hospitalized, according to KTUL, but no information has been released since that initial report. 
Armed: No information about the shooting has been released.
Details: No information about the shooting has been released.

Crasteven Wilson, 21. Courtesy

Date: March 2
Location: Oklahoma City
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma City Police Department
Shot: Crasteven Kennon Wilson, 23
Race: Black
Fatal: Yes
Armed: Yes. Police have said Wilson was armed with a handgun.
Details: Police said Oklahoma City Police Officer Bryce Sheehan was “patting down” Wilson when Wilson shot him in the leg. Wilson then allegedly tried to steal Sheehan’s patrol car after the two exchanged gunfire before eventually fleeing on foot. Wilson, 23, was found in a home not far away, but died at an area hospital. The officer was treated and released. Video of the shooting was released by the department in mid-March.


Trever Shankles, 30. Courtesy

Date: Feb. 11
Location: Delaware County
Department(s) involved: Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office
Shot: Trever Shankles, 30. 
Race: White.
Fatal: No.
Armed: Authorities said Shankles was armed with a gun.
Details: Ottawa County Sheriff David Dean told NewsOn6 Shankles was suspected of stealing a vehicle, and led a deputy on a chase before exiting his vehicle and pointing a gun at the deputy. The deputy shot Shankles in the thigh, the sheriff said. 

​​Date: Feb. 4
Location: Tulsa
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department
Shot: Israel Perez, 16.
Race: Not released.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Authorities said the man was armed with a “semi-automatic pistol.”
Details: Tulsa Police said they shot and killed Perez on Feb. 4 after a series of alleged armed robberies. A police helicopter located Perez, who was riding a bicycle. When police confronted him, he allegedly drew a pistol, and was shot and later died at a local hospital. Police have not released any information about the man who was shot. 


Isis McMullen, 28. Courtesy

Date: Jan. 20
Location: Norman
Department(s) involved: Norman Police Department.
Shot: Isis McMullen, 28.
Race: Black.
Fatal: No.
Armed: Yes. Authorities said McMullen, who is wanted for fatally shooting a man just before she was shot by police, was armed with a firearm.
Details: Norman Police said McMullen shot and killed one man, and wounded another before shooting at arriving police officers who shot her. She survived the shooting and was arrested after being released from jail. Norman police said three officers were involved in the shooting — Master Police Officer Daniel Brown, Master Police Officer Jenny Bryan and Officer Dustin Crawford. All three officers were cleared by the Cleveland County District Attorney to return to work. 

Alan Wade Hutchinson, 39. Courtesy DOC.

Date: Jan. 20
Location: Tulsa.
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma Highway Patrol.
Shot: Alan Wade Hutchinson, 39.
Race: White. 
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Authorities said Hutchinson exited his vehicle armed with a handgun following a pursuit by OHP Troopers.
Details: Hutchinson was reportedly shooting at other vehicles while eastbound on I-44 near the Yale exit, authorities told Fox 23. He fled from pursuing troopers, but was shot and killed after allegedly exiting his vehicle with a firearm, according to OHP spokesman Eric Foster. 

Steffon Griffin, 32. Courtesy

​​Date: Jan. 16
Location: Wagoner
Department(s) involved: Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office.
Shot: Steffon Griffin, 32.
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes. 
Armed: Authorities say Griffin had two knives when he was shot.
Details: Two deputies were trying to arrest Griffin, authorities said, who was wanted for allegedly violating a protective order. One of the deputies, identified as James Burk, shot and killed Griffin.

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