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From left, Clifton Adcock, Kassie McClung, Dylan Goforth, Bobby Lorton, Brianna Bailey, Ben Felder.

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At The Frontier, our mission is to hold public officials accountable, give a voice to the powerless and tell the stories that others are afraid to tell, or that illuminate the lives of people in our community. We will shine a light on hypocrisy, fraud, abuse and wrongdoing at all levels in our community and state. We will delve into complex issues and explain them to our readers, arming them with the information they need to make change.

The Frontier is a nonprofit corporation operated by The Frontier Media Group Inc. The corporation is overseen by a board that includes Robert Lorton III, whose family has a long tradition in Oklahoma journalism, and Ziva Branstetter, one of two Pulitzer Prize finalists who founded The Frontier. Our editor-in- chief is Dylan Goforth.

We are a digital media startup with an experienced, award-winning staff. Between our publisher and staff, we have more than 100 combined years of experience in the daily newspaper business.

In our first year, The Frontier was honored as a finalist for Best New Website in the 2016 Great Plains Journalism Awards. We also partnered with local, state and national media outlets for groundbreaking investigative projects and experimented with new ways to tell stories.

We’ve quickly become one of the state’s leading advocates for transparency in government, fighting for access to records on the public’s behalf.

The kind of independent, fearless journalism The Frontier has become known for is more important than ever. Since 2008, the number of working journalists has been cut by more than half nationwide. Journalism is under attack from government officials and interest groups who don’t believe they should be subject to scrutiny.

We do not accept advertising but do welcome financial support from donors who believe in our mission and want to support local investigative journalism. As we make clear to our donors, that support comes with no strings attached and we will disclose the names of our contributors.

Your contributions will allow us to grow our staff so we can continue serving as a watchdog and expand our coverage into new areas.

To send us story tips or questions, please send an email to info@readfrontier.com. You can check out our Facebook page here or follow us on Twitter @readfrontier.