Scott Pruitt coverage

Attorney General Scott Pruitt has the authority to file court action involving discrimination based on race, gender, age and other factors. Records show he rarely uses it. Photo courtesy NewsOn6
As Oklahoma's Attorney General, Scott Pruitt has spent his six years waging war against the EPA, which Preside-elect Donald Trump has selected him to lead. Here's our investigations on how he spent his time as attorney general and the days leading up to his confirmation hearing to be administrator of the EPA.
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‘The general’ sided with energy industry in war with the EPA

This graphic was created by analyzing hundreds of press releases issued by Attorney General Scott Pruitt's office to determine which words appear most frequently. GRANT BURKE/For The Frontier
Attorney General Scott Pruitt was favored by industry as "the general" who would lead a group of Republican attorneys general into battle over EPA regulations.
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Despite Trump’s threats, enforcing immigration laws ‘not part of our mandate’ local officials say

President-elect Donald Trump talked of mass deportation during his campaign. Local officials say they don't have a mandate to enforce federal immigration law and plan no changes in their current approach.
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Energy companies joined Pruitt EPA suits while donating to campaign

A new study by the Environmental Defense Fund reviewed state and federal campaign contribution records for Pruitt’s campaign and political action committees associated with him. The group found that in 13 out of 14 lawsuits Pruitt brought against the agency he hopes to lead, companies suing along with him had donated to his campaign or to PACs that support Pruitt.
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Listen Frontier: TPS Superintendent Deborah Gist talks about Oklahoma school funding

Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Deborah Gist talks to City Councilors on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015. DYLAN GOFORTH/The Frontier
TPS Superintendent Deborah Gist talks about teacher pay and school funding with The Frontier's Ziva Branstetter.
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