Diary of a new dad: Growing under the shadows of passing planes

My first year as a dad has been a whirlwind of trying to unlock the mysteries of fatherhood while trying to also find my own place in the world.
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No clowning around: TPD, TCSO say ‘scary clown epidemic’ hasn’t come to Tulsa

If you happen to see anyone walking around Tulsa dressed like a clown, don’t bother calling the police, just tell that Bozo to take a hike.
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Take the Tulsa Police Department’s ‘Citizen Attitude and Opinion Survey’

The Tulsa Police Department is considering the creation of a citizens advisory board, Deputy Chief Jonathan Brooks said Monday. DYLAN GOFORTH/The Frontier
As law enforcement agencies across the nation continue to seek ways to study on and improve their relationships with the public, the Tulsa Police Department has launched its citizen attitude and opinion survey.
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Man who pulled gun on alleged thief identified as retired Sapulpa fire marshal

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.40.52 AM
The video itself is fairly insane. It opens with the man in the white shirt (not yet identified by Tulsa police) claiming to be a cop and pointing a handgun at Montgomery, accusing him of stealing his golf clubs. Montgomery pleads in return that he didn't do anything, and slowly backs away from the man with the gun.
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Pokémon Go has captured downtown Tulsa

The uber-addictive game has more daily users than Twitter, and it appears to have captured the hearts and minds of downtown Tulsa workers.
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Bad blood between sheriff candidates boils over during debate

Luke Sherman, left, and Vic Regalado, right, sparred off in a hotly contested radio debate on the Pat Cambell Show.
For 30 minutes, Sherman and Regalado fired questions at each other, questions that grew increasingly personal as time went on.
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Beloved but haunted by mistakes, Bates and Harris share similarities

Robert Bates walks into court with his wife, Charlotte, before his conviction in the death of Eric Harris. 
MICHAEL WYKE / The Frontier
Listening to Tuesday's testimony, there wasn’t as much difference between Eric Harris and Bob Bates as you might think. Both were described as loving, and caring, the center of their families’ worlds. Their families worry they’ll be forever defined by mistakes, rather than good deeds.
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Follow along as Tulsa city officials, The Frontier, tour Dallas

REI renderings 2016-02-26 at 2.27.18 PM
Starting Tuesday, a group of Tulsa city officials left town to head to Dallas on a tour that, in part, will focus on what could be built at 71st Street and Riverside Drive, a parcel of land that for years has been identified as park land. We're talking, of course, of REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.)
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What can social media tell us about the Tulsa County Sheriff primary?

With only unscientific ways to predict which sheriff candidate will emerge from the March 1 primary, let's see who is winning the social media game.
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How a Fitbit (almost) ruined my Valentine’s Day

In hindsight, maybe working out to win a Fitbit challenge during a holiday I was supposed to spend with my wife was a bad idea.
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