Data about officer-involved shootings can be hard to find, so The Frontier actively tries to collect and store as much information as possible on every shooting.

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Past years



Shawn Tillison. Courtesy

Date: Thursday, July 22
Location: 300 Block of West Maple, in Duncan.
Department(s) involved: Duncan Police.
Shot: Shawn Tillison.
Race: White
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said Tillison had a gun.
Details: The OSBI said officers went to the home for a domestic violence call, and saw Tillison pointing the firearm in the air. He eventually pointed the firearm at them, they said, at which point he was shot and killed by officers. 

Cerrion Brown

Date: Saturday, July 10
Location: Near East Third Street and South Elgin Avenue, in downtown Tulsa.
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department.
Shot: Cerrion Brown.
Race: Black.
Fatal: No.
Armed: No.
Details: The department has only said that an officer shot Brown in the leg after Brown allegedly struck a police vehicle. Brown allegedly tried to flee after being shot, police said, but was apprehended.


Date: Sunday, June 6
Location: Near north Peoria Avenue and East Pine Street in Tulsa.
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department
Shot: Tulsa police have only said that the person their officers killed was male.
Race: Unknown.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes. The man allegedly exited his home with a firearm before being shot and killed by a police officer.
Details: Police have said they arrived at the home after receiving reports of gunfire. A standoff ensued with an armed man who holed himself up inside a home, police said. The man exited the home and allegedly pointed his gun at officers before being shot and killed by a police sniper. 

Date: Wednesday, June 2
Location: Bryan County.
Department(s) involved: U.S. Marshals, Oklahoma Highway Patrol. 
Shot: No information has been released about the person who was shot.
Race: Unknown.
Fatal: Yes 
Armed: Unknown.
Details: Little information has been released about the shooting. The person who was shot was only described by law enforcement as a “suspect.” The person allegedly was the center of a manhunt, and was tracked to a boat ramp in the Willaga Woods public use area before being shot and killed.

Date: Tuesday, June 1
Location: Near East Pine Street and Yale Avenue in Tulsa.
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department
Shot: Tulsa police have only identified the person who was shot as a female in her 60s.
Race: Unknown.
Fatal: No.
Armed: Police have said the woman had a baseball bat.
Details: Police have said the woman was threatening neighbors and yelling racial slurs. She “was being very aggressive,” a police spokesman said. Officers shot her when she approached them and would not drop the bat. She suffered non-fatal wounds. 


Hank Miller, 48. Courtesy Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

Date: Sunday, May 30
Location: Antlers, in Pushmataha County. 
Department(s) involved: Pushmataha County Sheriff’s Office.
Shot: Hank Miller, 48.
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Miller allegedly hit a deputy with his vehicle.
Details: The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said Miller fled from a traffic stop and allegedly hit a deputy with his car before being shot and killed by another deputy.

Edward Madden, 29. Courtesy.

Date: Sunday, May 16
Location: Savannah Landing apartments, 61st Street and Peoria Avenue, Tulsa.
Department(s) involved: Tulsa Police Department
Shot: Edward Madden, 29.
Race: Black
Fatal: No.
Armed: Yes. Madden allegedly pointed a firearm at a contractor at an apartment complex in an apartment complex near 61st Street and Peoria Avenue.
Details: Police have said Madden pointed a gun at a man, then fired at officers who arrived at the complex. Madden was shot, but survived and was hospitalized.

Date: Thursday, May 13
Location: Skiatook
Department(s) involved: Skiatook Police Department 
Shot: Name not released
Race: American Indian
Fatal: No
Armed: Unknown
Details: No details released.

Daniel Hobbs, 34.

Date: Saturday, May 8
Location: Oklahoma City
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma City Police Department
Shot: Daniel Hobbs, 34. 
Race: White
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: No.
Details: Oklahoma City Police have said Officer Daniel Lopez encountered Lopez after police were notified of a possible violation of a protective order (court records do not show a protective order against Hobbs.) Hobbs told the officer he was schizophrenic, a body camera recording that was released by the department shows. Hobbs and Lopez began to wrestle, at which point Lopez’s body camera shut off. A neighbor recorded the shooting, in which Lopez shot Hobbs from close range while the two were on the ground. Lopez said Hobbs was reaching for his Taser.

Quinton Edward Pace, 37.

Date: Saturday, May 1
Location: Martin Luther King Boulevard at N.E. 52nd Street, Oklahoma City
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma City Police Department
Shot: Quinton Edward Pace, 37.
Race: Black.
Fatal: No.
Armed: Yes, with a gun. 
Details: Oklahoma City Police said Pace drove a vehicle into the squad car driven by Officer Samuel Flowers, then struck the squad car again multiple times. Pace then exited the vehicle and began firing at Flowers, police said. Flowers returned fire and struck Pace, who was treated for a non-life threatening wound and later booked into jail.


Benjamin Ridley, 29. Courtesy DOC.

Date: Saturday, April 24.
Webbers Falls. 
Department(s) involved: Webbers Falls Police Department
Shot: Benjamin Ridley, 29. 
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes. 
Armed: Police initially said Ridley was armed with a handgun. 
Details: No information about what led to the shooting has been released. Ridley had outstanding warrants according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Silas Lambert, 25. Courtesy.

Date: Monday, April 5
Location: 100 block of Nixon Drive in Anadarko.
Department(s) involved: Anadarko Police Department
Shot: Silas Lambert, 25.
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes. Police said Lambert shot an officer before being killed by return fire.
Details: According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Anadarko officers responding to an overdose call were attempting to revive a person who had reportedly overdosed on drugs when Lambert began to fire at them. One officer was shot, the OSBI said, but the wounds were not considered life threatening. The officers returned fire and killed Lambert.


Date: Saturday, March 27
Location: Oklahoma County Jail in Oklahoma City.
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma City Police Department. The department identified its officers as Lt. Coy Gilbert and Officer Kevin Kuhlman.
Shot: Curtis Montrell Williams, 35.
Race: Black. 
Fatal: Yes. 
Armed: Police have said Williams was holding a “makeshift weapon” to the throat of a detention officer when he was shot and killed.Details: Inmates on the 10th floor of the Oklahoma County Jail, a notoriously understaffed and unsafe facility, took a detention officer hostage and broadcast video of the hostage and their demands on Facebook Live with use of a cell phone taken from the detention officer. Inmates said their cells were covered in mold, they had not had showers in weeks, they had no running water and their toilets did not work. Police officers entered the 10th floor and shot and killed Williams, who they said was holding a shiv to the throat of a detention officer.


Farrah Rauch, 17. Courtesy.

Date: Sunday, Feb. 28
Location: Muskogee
Department(s) involved: Muskogee Police Department. Four MPD officers were put on leave, though the department has not said if they’ve determined which officer was responsible for the shooting. The officers included — James Folsom, Shawn Brown, B.J. Hudson, Evan Hendricks.
Shot: Farrah Rauch, 17
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes. 
Armed: Muskogee police said that Rauch fired a handgun at officers during a pursuit. 
Details: Rauch and Joseph Dugan, 17, were reportedly involved in a multi-state crime spree before stealing a vehicle in Muskogee, leading to the pursuit. Officers said they later found the vehicle hidden in the woods and as they approached, Dugan shot and killed himself. 

Michael Richard Stambaugh, 39.

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 24
Location: Vici, a small town near the panhandle about 20 miles south of Woodward.
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma Highway Patrol. The names of the troopers involved have not been released. 
Shot: Michael Richard Stambaugh, 39. 
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: Yes. Authorities said Stambaugh approached troopers with a firearm.
Details: Authorities said Stambaugh, who had a warrant for his arrest for sexual abuse of a child, was involved in a brief standoff with troopers. He was shot and killed after reportedly exiting a home while armed with a firearm.

Date: Thursday, Feb. 4
Location: Oklahoma City, near N.W. 16th and MacArthur Blvd. 
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma City Police Department. The department identified the officer involved as Gerald Ritter III. 
Shot: Tilford Barton, 30.
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes. 
Armed: Yes. Police said Barton fired at an officer.
Details: Police said Barton fired at Ritter, who returned fire, killing Barton, who had a history of mental illness. 


Franklin Gray, 39.

Date: Sunday, Jan. 31
Location: Idabel. 
Department(s) involved: McCurtain County Sheriff’s Office. Three deputies, whose identities have not been released, were placed on routine leave following the shooting. 
Shot: Franklin Gray, 39. 
Race: White.
Fatal: Yes.
Armed: No. But authorities said Gray was shot while trying to take a deputy’s firearm.
Details: Authorities said deputies received a report that Gray was involved in a domestic disturbance with his mother. When they arrived, they said Gray began to fight with them. He was shot, they said, after attempting to take a deputy’s firearm. 

Joel Lewis, 63. Courtesy.

Date: Saturday, Jan. 23
Location: Oklahoma City, near the 4900 block of North Missouri Avenue. 
Department(s) involved: Oklahoma City Police. The department identified the officer involved as Braden Downs.
Shot: Joel Lewis, 63. 
Race: Black. 
Fatal: No.
Armed: Yes. Police said Lewis shot Downs, who was wearing a bulletproof vest.
Details: Police said they were responding to a domestic disturbance when Lewis pulled out a handgun and shot Downs in the chest. Lewis was shot in the leg in return fire, and was later arrested and hospitalized.

Zonterious Johnson, 24.

Date: Sunday, Jan. 17
Location: Lawton.
Department(s) involved: Lawton Police Department. The department has not identified the officers involved.
Shot: Zonterious Johnson, 24.
Race: Black
Fatal: Yes. 
Armed: Police said Johnson was shot and killed as he pointed a firearm at officers.
Details: Lawton Police said they were conducting a “compliance check” at a local club, the “Lavish Lounge,” when they heard gunshots coming from outside. Police said officers exited the building, saw Johnson pointing a firearm at them, then shot and killed him.