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Author: Bobby Lorton

Bobby Lorton may be new to the world of "new media," but his family has an established reputation for quality journalism, having owned and operated the Tulsa World for nearly a century before selling the newspaper in 2013. He is a passionate believer in the power of journalism to improve his community.

To our readers: A thank you and a promise

The reason we turned our newsroom’s entire focus to the COVID-19 issue is simple — journalists are watchdogs, and the coronavirus story is one of accountability. Perhaps the most important accountability story in the state’s recent history.

From our publisher: Navigating a challenging landscape

We aim to inform our readers about issues that are sometimes critical and other times inspirational. Through in-depth and investigative journalism, we will hold the powerful accountable, shine a light on things kept in the dark while also highlighting the best of Tulsa and the state.

Navigating a challenging landscape

Our society is at a crossroads.
We are experiencing an explosive growth of online information, mixed with ubiquitous handheld devices and other technology. Information is everywhere, and it’s more accessible than ever. To compete for our attention, many content providers are going for quantity over quality. Short, quick reads, funny photo memes, lists and infographics dominate our personal information feed seemingly every moment of every day.