On behalf of myself and the journalists at The Frontier, I wanted to thank all our donors who have supported us all throughout a very challenging year. 

We continue to grow our staff, having added a very experienced journalist in Ben Felder to our Oklahoma City Bureau. Our donor base and readership more than doubled this year, growing 127 percent and 105 percent, respectively

This growth will allow us to hopefully add more journalists to the team in 2021. 

This is the future of journalism in Oklahoma. Our funding model works because there are enough readers who appreciate our work and who step forward with a gift — readers who believe in the power of journalism to dig up facts, shine a light on injustice and hold the powerful to account. We will continue to broaden our reach as we expand our staff. Help us continue to build a team of journalists we can all be proud of. 

Thank you,
Bobby Lorton
The Frontier