Our society is at a crossroads.

We are experiencing an explosive growth of online information, mixed with ubiquitous handheld devices and other technology. Information is everywhere, and it’s more accessible than ever. To compete for our attention, many content providers are going for quantity over quality. Short, quick reads, funny photo memes, lists and infographics dominate our personal information feed seemingly every moment of every day.

This has left us overstimulated but less informed.

We pay less and less attention to what really matters. We know less about our local governments than ever before. When positive, important initiatives present our community with opportunities, we understand very little about the details. And when bad things happen in our community, we sometimes don’t see past the shocking headlines to understand how to avoid these incidents in the future.

We are worn out and uninformed. We are bombarded with instantaneous information that provides short-term entertainment but leaves us feeling empty. Most readers today have grown accustomed to this surface news. Shorter daily news stories will always have a place in our culture. But surface news has consumed our attention at the expense of an otherwise better informed public. A good in-depth story makes you think, react and hopefully find a way to get involved in the issue.

For these reasons, I have founded The Frontier, a new online news organization. We aim to inform our readers about issues that are sometimes critical and other times inspirational. Through in-depth and investigative journalism, we will hold the powerful accountable, shine a light on things kept in the dark while also highlighting the best of Tulsa and the state.

I have a deep passion for Tulsa and an even deeper passion for in-depth journalism. I’ve hired some of the best investigative journalists in our region to cover, uncover and discover things that really matter to us as a community and as a society.

At The Frontier, we face this cultural crossroads fearlessly, at full speed and with a focus to educate and enlighten.

If you count yourself among the active, engaged and interested, you can enjoy our content for a monthly subscription by clicking here. And, corporations, nonprofits and individuals who value quality journalism may support our vision with sponsorships available here.

With your support, we plan to strike out on our own, providing old-fashioned, shoe-leather journalism in an entirely new way.