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Tempers flare at meeting over spending of jail funds

Jim Orbison is the epitome of a gentleman lawyer if there ever was one, but Wednesday morning he seemed to have had enough.

Nearly an hour into a Tulsa County Criminal Justice Authority budget meeting, the tall, white-haired attorney for the authority raised his hand to remind trustees unhappy with the budgeting process – and Tulsa Jail operations in general – that they had another option.

“This authority can totally take control of that (jail) administration, take it from the county, hire staff, do its own financials, do everything … say goodbye to the county,” Orbison said. “I just want that out.”

Mayors want budget scrapped due to “improper” jail spending

Citing what they claim to be improper funding practices at the Tulsa Jail, three area mayors – including Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett – want the proposed 2016 jail budget discarded in favor of a temporary funding resolution that would remain in effect until the budgeting process can be overhauled.

A special meeting of the Tulsa County Criminal Justice Authority will be held at 10 a.m. today in the Tulsa County administration building to discuss the mayors’ requests. The authority — which oversees jail funding — had been scheduled to vote on the jail budget Wednesday afternoon.

New earthquake report puts state’s risk in plain language

A new report from the United States Geological Survey spells out in the clearest way yet what Oklahoma officials have denied and danced around for so long: A huge increase in wastewater injection from oil and gas exploration is triggering a sharp rise in earthquakes in the state.

And while the increase hasn’t included a catastrophic earthquake and fatalities, the risk in areas such as Oklahoma with induced quakes is now comparable to the risk of such events in California. Avoiding this risk requires “a detailed understanding of the physical processes involved in inducing large magnitude events,” the report concludes.

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