The Enid News & Eagle published a story by The Frontier in their Monday newspaper.

The most important thing to any newsroom is not likes on Facebook. It’s not Twitter followers, or even clicks on the website. The most important thing is impact.

Of course there’s something of a symbiotic relationship between impact and readership. You may have a powerful story, but if no one reads it, it won’t have the impact it might have otherwise. And you can have all the eyeballs on your website in the world, but if you aren’t writing impactful stories, you’re not going to make as big a difference as you otherwise could.

With that being said, we’re excited to let everyone know that we have begun to offer our stories to other newspapers across the state. One of our goals for 2019 is to increase our presence across Oklahoma and we hope this partnership helps us get closer to that end.

Nothing will change about what we do at The Frontier. We’ll still be covering Oklahoma the same way we have since 2015. Only now we hope more people will find out about it.

We feel like there’s a strong basis for partnerships like these. For example, The Enid News & Eagle has published a few of our recent stories in the last week. The benefits to each of us are easy to explain — they get additional content to give their readers and we get to reach Oklahomans who might not have previously heard of The Frontier. 

We’re excited to see where partnerships like this take us in 2019. So if you happen to find one of our stories in an unexpected place, don’t be surprised.

Do you run a newspaper in Oklahoma and are interested in our stories appearing in your paper and/or website? Email us at