G.T. Bynum first learned what a cool job being mayor of the city of Tulsa could be when, as a child, he would hang out with his grandfather, Robert LaFortune.

LaFortune knew all about it. At the time — 1970 to 1978 — he was mayor of Tulsa.

Bynum would watch his grandfather as he interacted with Tulsans in coffee shops, restaurants and anywhere else he would run into them.

Now that little boy has grown up to become what his grandfather once was — the mayor of Tulsa.

G.T. Bynum (the “G.T.” stands for George Theron) will be sworn in as Tulsa’s 40th mayor on Dec. 5. He will be 39 when he takes office.

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Bynum has promised a lot. Improved Education. Faster street work. Better relations with the county.

Those are the stories yet to be told. This video captures a bit of the past — that one, historic Election Day when a young man who had long had his sights on the Mayor’s Office finally opened the door and stepped in.

Photographer Mike Wyke followed Bynum from start to finish Tuesday. Here’s his story.