Our Frontier Supporters Facebook group.

One thing journalists often joke about is how quick the turnaround can be from story to story. We might work for weeks, or even months, on a story. And as soon as the story goes up on the website, the question in our minds becomes “What do we do next?”

And what we often miss out on are conversations with the public about what our processes for our reporting are. Weeks of reporting, sometimes dozens of interviews and hours of reading court documents gets distilled into a couple thousand words.

We know what our process was like for putting that story together, but you don’t. And there really aren’t a lot of great options for you to get an inside look at our newsroom and how we all work together.

So we’re going to try something new.

We’ve created a special Facebook group for people who have supported The Frontier financially over the years. Everything we normally do will stay the same — we’ll keep producing the same journalism we always have, and since we’re a nonprofit, our stories will remain free and available to everyone on our website. Our big stories? We’ll still email them to everyone who has signed up for our mailing list. Every story we write will continue to be posted to our Twitter and Facebook pages, just like always.

But if you want to communicate deeper with our staff, get a better look at our reporting, get early access to future donor gatherings and merchandise, or just talk to us about your life and what interests you, we hope this group becomes a place for that.

All it takes to get access is a donation to help fund our newsroom. There are no restrictions on the amount needed for access — every bit of your support goes directly to fund our newsroom as we continue to provide Oklahoma with the very best journalism we can create.

Once you make a donation, we’ll reach out with you to give you a link to the group.

Then you’re in. What the group will become, exactly, is unknown. But what we do know is that we’ll all work together to turn it into something great.