Two hours ahead of the scheduled release of the findings by a grand jury investigating the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, a judge overseeing the proceedings released a document containing eight recommended improvements for the sheriff’s office.

At 2 p.m. a report containing the grand jury’s actual findings will be released.

In the meantime, here are the eight recommendations the grand jury suggested for the sheriff’s office.

  • The grand jury recommends that TCSO policies are adhered to closely and uniformly.
  • Although CLEET has a grandfather policy the grand jury suggests that the TCSO adopts an internal policy that even if a person has been certified by CLEET if they have been absent from law enforcement for more than five years they must complete the full application process, testing, and training requirements of a full time deputy.
  • The grand jury finds it necessary that the TCSO establish and adhere to policies specifically regarding training and experience requirements for assignment by department. In specific, specialized units such as SOT, task forces, etc.
  • It has been determined that the method of training and personnel documentation compliance needs to be improved. The grand jury suggests a person or committee specifically tasked with making sure the training and personnel records are complete, uniform and up to date. These records should be subject to a regular audit.
  • Better accountability of field training hours.
  • The grand jury recommends that at any time a transfer or reassignment occurs, a copy of the deputy’s training records shall accompany that reassignment and be signed off on as complete and sufficient for the new assignment by the new chain of command.
  • The grand jury requests that TCSO make the internal affairs department more autonomous from the TCSO itself. In addition it is recommended that each and every investigation be assigned an internal affairs number.
  • The grand jury suggests that TCSO create some type of fully anonymous avenue for employees to report an issue. It is also suggest that these reports are documented and maintained.