Oklahoma’s primary election day led to a few surprises, a number of runoffs and some big wins that set up a number of fascinating storylines leading into the next few months.

Incumbent governor Kevin Stitt won his party’s nomination, as did Democrat Joy Hofmeister, who will face Stitt in November.

Stitt’s attorney general, John O’Connor, was defeated by Tulsa lawyer Genter Drummond, a vote that will likely reshape the relationship between Stitt’s camp and the attorney general’s office. But Stitt’s pick for state superintendent, Ryan Walters, shook off recent controversies enough to reach the run off in August against fellow republican April Grace.

On today’s Listen Frontier, I talk with Frontier reporters Clifton Adcock, Kayla Branch, and Reese Gorman about those elections, as well as the congressional races and the Oklahoma County jail bond vote.

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