Weigel 1

Acting Tulsa County Sheriff Rick Weigel meets briefly with the media Oct. 1 at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office headquarters. Weigel is expected on Wednesday to update the media on progress made toward fulfilling the grand jury’s recommendations for improvement. DYLAN GOFORTH/The Frontier

Undersheriff Rick Weigel, who began acting as sheriff Oct. 1 following the resignation of Stanley Glanz, will meet with the media today at 1 p.m.

Weigel appeared publicly only once since taking over for Glanz, issuing a brief statement Oct. 1 announcing that he had assumed Glanz’s role and that the sheriff’s office would begin immediately implementing the eight recommendations made by the grand jury.

Weigel is expected to provide updates on progress made implementing those changes.

As for Glanz, the now-deposed sheriff has remained quiet since the indictment in September. On Oct. 1 he appeared in court with his attorney, Scott Wood, who said his client doesn’t plan on returning to court until Nov. 10.

For now, the charges against Glanz — one alleging “willful violation” of the law and one alleging that he refused to perform his duties as sheriff — exist only in the grand jury filing on OSCN.

Rob Barris, one of two district attorneys who advised the grand jury during their meetings (Barris is from Okmulgee County, the other DA, Kevin Buchanan, is from Washington County,) said on Tuesday he would bring the filings themselves to Tulsa County on Nov. 10.

At that point, he said, the charges would be entered into their own court file.