150 new donors in 150 days? Let’s make it happen


There are 150 days left in 2018. Can we add 150 new donors in that timeframe?

Why not?

As a nonprofit, The Frontier survives on a mix of funding from foundations and, most importantly, tax-deductible donations from the people who read and benefit from our work.

Do you enjoy the work we do? Have you considered donating before but never hit the button?

Well, there’s no time like the present. Your donations directly fund our newsroom and the work we do, and a growing donor base will help us add to our staff so we can better cover Oklahoma.

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Dylan Goforth

Editor in Chief/Staff Writer

Dylan is a news junkie and QuikTrip addict. He spends too much time on Twitter, but has launched what will be a failed attempt to cut back in 2018. Contact: dylan@readfrontier.com or 918-931-9405.