Tulsans go to the polls April 5 to vote on an $844.6 million Vision 2025 sales tax renewal package that includes more than 30 projects.

The proposal calls for spending $272 million on public safety; $102 million for transportation; and $510.6 million for economic development over 15 years.

Feb. 10 through March 25, The Frontier will post a 1-minute video each weekday summarizing a proposed project, from smallest to largest, in our Vision Minute series.

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  • Project 33: Tulsa Police Department – Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police President Clay Ballenger talks about the different elements of the Vision Tulsa package that affect TPD, and how they would use their allocated $202 million.


  • Project 32: Tulsa Fire Department – Tulsa Fire Department Chief Ray Driskell talks with The Frontier about the additional firefighters, among other things, TFD would get with $70 million dollars from Vision Tulsa.


  • Project 31: Low-Water Dams – City Councilor G.T. Bynum talks with The Frontier about the low-water dams, and related infrastructure, that would be built in the Arkansas River if Vision Tulsa passes.


  • Project 30: Permanent Transportation Tax –  Terry Ball with the City of Tulsa and Bill Cartwright with Tulsa Transit tell The Frontier about how they would split up the $102 million that would be set aside for a permanent transportation tax under Vision Tulsa.


  • Project 29: Gilcrease Museum – James Pepper Henry, Executive Director for Gilcrease Museum, talks to The Frontier about the plans to “build up” with the money they would receive from Vision Tulsa. A renovated Gilcrease Museum would be visible from downtown, and would allow the museum to lure more attendees from not only inside Tulsa, but from outside the state.


  • Project 28: Cox Business Center – Kerry Painter from the Cox Business Center discusses upgrades the facility would receive under Vision Tulsa, as well as the master plan that would be drawn up to help visually connect the facility to downtown.


  • Project 27: Tulsa County Fairgrounds – Fairgrounds CEO Mark Andrus says they’re in danger of losing some of the shows they host each year – for instance some of the large horse shows – unless they can build a new barn, buy new stalls and upgrade their facilities.


  • Project 26: Tulsa International Airport – Jeff Mulder, Director of Airports at the Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust, talks about work that would be made under Vision Tulsa to city-owned industries located at the Tulsa International Airport, such as larger maintenance hangars, and improved electrical bays.


  • Project 25: Tulsa Zoo – Lindsay Hutchison, Vice President of Development at the Tulsa Zoo, talks about the new entrance and new, larger elephant exhibit the zoo hopes to build if Vision Tulsa passes. Hutchison said the money would be matched privately, and the larger elephant exhibit would allow them to expand their herd.


  • Project 24: Langston University – Langston University nursing students in Tulsa have to take classes in a building off campus. Mautra Jones, Langston University Vice President of Institutional Advancement and External Affairs, talks with The Frontier about the expansion that, under Vision Tulsa, would build a Healthcare Complex across the street from their home in the Greenwood District.


  • Project 23: USA BMX – Shane Fernandez tells The Frontier about how $15 million would build an enclosed BMX track at old Drillers Stadium, as well as turn the old County Health Department building into a headquarters for the national BMX organization.


  • Project 22: South Mingo Corridor – The “South Mingo Corridor,” a stretch from 71st to 91st streets on Mingo Road and 91st street between Mingo Road and Memorial Drive, is growing and needs to be widened and improved, city councilor Anna America says.


  • Project 21: Public Safety Initiative – Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Deborah Gist talks with The Frontier about schools in Tulsa that need infrastructure improvements in order to help keep their students safe.


  • Project 20: Non-Public Safety Capital Equipment – While money exists under the Vision tax plan for public safety improves, there’s also money for non-public safety capital equipment. Gary Hamer, with the City of Tulsa, tells The Frontier about the need to replace the city’s old, rusty snowplows, as well as other equipment.


  • Project 18: Peoria Mohawk Business Park – City Councilor Jack Henderson talks with The Frontier about plans to build a large business park in north Tulsa with $10 million in proposed Vision tax funds.


  • Project 17: Tulsa Public Schools – Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Deborah Gist talks about the difficulties schools face recruiting, training and retaining teachers, and how the $10 million set aside for them under the Vision 2025 tax proposal would be spend to fix that problem.


  • Project 16: Community Health Connection – Jim McCarthy, CEO of Community Health Connection, talks with The Frontier about why the 21st Street and Mingo Road facility is so overworked, and how the proposed Vision money would go to alleviating that stress, and also help better serve the community.


  • Project 15: Air National Guard Lt. Col. Mike Scorsone tells Kevin Canfield that the $9,400,000 million potentially set aside for the Oklahoma Air National Guard would go toward building a Mission Training Facility.


  • Project 14: Discovery Lab – Ray Vandiver, executive director of Discovery Lab Tulsa, talks with The Frontier about plans to build a new, larger, facility in the future site of A Gathering Place For Tulsa.


  • Project 13: Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness – Members of River Parks Authority talk with The Frontier about how they will use the $7.6 million planned for Turkey Mountain under the Vision tax plan to improve the popular destination.


  • Project 12: Peoria Connection Redevelopment – Dwain Midget, City of Tulsa Director of Community Development and Transportation, talks with The Frontier about the changes that would occur on North Peoria Avenue if the Vision tax plan passes.



  • Project 10: District 12 Levee rehabilitation – County Commissioner Karen Keith talks with The Frontier about the work planned to rehabilitate the District 12 Levee. Under the Vision tax proposal, $5 million would be set aside for the construction work.



  • Project 8: OSU-Tulsa commercial development – Dr. Ron Bussert discusses the proposed University Center at Tulsa Authority/OSU-Tulsa and talks about how the $3.6 million proposed under the Vision tax would further that development.


  • Project 7: McCullough Park – Tulsa City Councilor Connie Dodson discusses plans for east Tulsa’s McCullough Park, which would receive a series of upgrades under the proposed Vision tax plan.


  • Project 6: Mohawk Park – Lucy Dolman, director of Tulsa Parks, discusses the charges that would be made to the city’s popular Mohawk Park under the Vision tax plan.


  • Project 5: GO Plan, Bicycle/Pedestrian Master plan – James Wagner, with the Indian Nations Council of Governments, discusses how the proposed Vision tax funds would go toward implementing the GO Plan, a bicycle/pedestrian Master Plan which will provide a comprehensive regional plan for pedestrian and bicycle improvements.


  • Project 4: Route 66 Village – Mike Massey, Chairman of Route 66 Village Council, talks about the train depot he hopes to build with Vision tax funds.




  • Project 1: Tulsa Performing Arts Center – Tulsa Performing Arts Center Executive Director John Scott tells The Frontier what his organization would do with the proposed $1 million it would be receiving from the Vision 2025 renewal tax.