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Author: Dylan Goforth

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Security guard found with weed when he shot and paralyzed Tulsa man

The security guard who shot and paralyzed a 21-year-old man earlier this year had marijuana in his truck at the time of the shooting, police records provided to The Frontier show.

Ricky Leroy Stone shot at Monroe Bird III three times on Feb. 4, when Bird drove away from a confrontation at a south Tulsa apartment complex.

Reports allege racism, sexual misconduct in jail under Major

Major Tom Huckeby once likened the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office to a “paramilitary” operation, imbued with strong discipline and order.

But in court records and internal reports, others painted a far different picture: one where supervisors in the Tulsa Jail labeled black employees “N” in personnel files, Huckeby and others allegedly had “rampant sex” with co-workers and black inmates were assaulted for sport.

Meanwhile, supervisors at all levels in the Sheriff’s Office said they feared Huckeby — then a captain who appeared to enjoy the favor of Sheriff Stanley Glanz.