Today is a big day at The Frontier: We’re eagerly moving into our brand-new offices at 36°N in the Brady District.

It seems a fitting way to kick off 2016, in an old Ford dealership building that has been repurposed into an entrepreneurial basecamp.

I have to say, 2015 was pretty epic, however.

Because last year was “year of the goat” (or sheep/ram) under the Chinese zodiac calendar, it was supposed to be a fortunate year for those born under that sign in the 12-year cycle.

Whenever we were hoping for a bit of good luck, I would turn to Ziva and say: “Don’t worry, it’s the year of the goat.”

We had no way of knowing just how lucky things would turn out for this goat.

On Friday, we had a lovely in-office happy hour with our friends at Propeller Communications who have patiently shared an office with us since April.

We had wine and cheese and special guest appearances by Miss Evie Goforth and Goldie Hawn (who of course tried to steal some cheese).


That’s me having a “my cup runneth over” moment.

I’m excited to see what 2016 brings us. If you were born in the year of the monkey, get ready. Hopefully it will be your lucky year.

But change and loss may be part of it, too. This morning, many of us were shocked to learn of David Bowie’s death at age 69, following a battle with cancer. He was someone who seemed eternally young.

I immediately thought of one of my favorite versions of his songs, featured in movie I loved (critics be damned), “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

I’ve always loved that Thurber story, but I liked Ben Stiller’s movie version because the character decides to take risks and give in to adventure.