Everyone felt today’s earthquake but me, apparently.

Dylan actually texted Ziva and me as soon as it happened, because we usually miss them (headphones on, immersed in crazy old court documents). Still missed it. The funniest thing right after an earthquake is the live-tweeting, and seeing how far away it was felt. Equipment as far away as Georgia registered today’s temblor.

A few months before we left the Tulsa World, Ziva worked on this project examining Oklahoma’s earthquake problem with two of our favorite former co-workers, Curtis Killman and John Clanton.

It’s a great primer on the debate, with some details about what life is like in the hot zone for daily quakes around Medford. We also had the pleasure of getting to hang with EnergyWire reporter Mike Soraghan at this year’s IRE convention. He’s done some great reporting on the issue. As has Joe Wertz, in this really cool partnership with Reveal.

Personally, I’m still trying to get to the bottom of who is responsible for this: