Over the weekend, a Twitter follower asked our official @ReadFrontier account to weigh in on which was the better Tulsa song:



When people tweet us @readfrontier, it’s usually me or this crazy guy who will answer.

So I made a few suggestions:



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And if you were on Twitter this weekend, you no doubt saw plenty of #TulsaTough and #CrybabyHill posts. I had fun checking out races Saturday in the Brady District and stopped by the downtown Philbrook, where you can see this Rothko:

A Rothko at the downtown Philbrook.

A Rothko at the downtown Philbrook.

On Sunday morning, we loaded up the backpacks and made the trek up Cry Baby Hill.

It’s less crowded the earlier you go, which is nice. We called it a day before 3 p.m. and got to smile at the people frantically looking for parking by late afternoon. Next year, we’re planning on packing breakfast tacos and going even earlier.

I’m not from Tulsa, and people often ask me how I ended up here. But I had a moment while watching Saturday’s races finish near the Woody Guthrie Museum, walking through Guthrie Green, staring at a Rothko in the downtown Philbrook: This is why I live here.

Also, they’re opening an Antoinette Baking Co. downtown.

I’m in trouble.