Last week, I wrote about the hot topic of the Davenport Lofts under development in the Brady District. The response has been great, especially since we’re just posting stuff as we go on a temporary landing page (the real deal is coming soon, promise). As Dylan used to joke when we first launched: “Check us out on Google docs.”

Two of the nicest notes I received were from two of the parties with the biggest stake in this development. I don’t have permission to share their feedback publicly, but let me just say this: If the friendly, well-mannered notes I received are any indication of how these guys conduct themselves, we’re all going to be just fine.

Change can be scary, but it’s inevitable.

My blog’s mini description promises shameless dog posts, on which I have under-delivered (I’m hoping it will look less out of place when we have our actual blogs up).

Recently, we adopted another rescue dog – a puppy, really.

Her name is Goldie Hawn, she is a docker spaniel (dachshund/cocker spaniel mix) and she likes to eat shoes. She is so damn cute she’s hard to discipline, frankly.

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She joins Ozzie, our other rescued spaniel mix, who is a fussy little guard dog that we love madly.

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We ended up with both of these dogs because within a six-month period in 2014, we had to say goodbye to two lovely ladies who were a huge part of our lives. Audrey and Ginger lived nearly 14 years each and had a grand time in our house. We still miss them.

There was a brief moment when, dealing with the health issues and messes of two senior female dogs, we swore we would not have any more pets for a long time.

Our friends knew better, and encouraged us to look at rescue dogs after Ginger died.

So Ozzie joined us last year and kept Audrey company for her final few months (she always loved younger men).

Goldie Hawn came home with us a little over a month ago. (Both were adopted from Rescued N’ Ready, which you can check out here).

It’s been hard adjusting to life with a puppy again – going through vats of Clorox wipes, hiding all our shoes, working on leash manners, finding unwanted surprises under the dining room table.

But it’s also been a lot of fun. She came to the office with me on Friday and charmed everyone. And, that face.

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I have no other gems of wisdom to offer, so here’s an awesome cover of Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’ by Father John Misty.