In case you hadn’t heard, we’re kind of a big deal.

Kidding. But we’re over the moon that the folks at Harvard’s prestigious Nieman Lab took an interest in what we’re trying to accomplish here in Tulsa at The Frontier. Joseph Lichterman wrote a great, fair article about our unique business model and startup adventure.

The best part was that he included Dylan’s hilarious tweet about our launch, and the detail that we were eating barbecue at Albert G’s when we found out that Ziva and I were named Pulitzer finalists (the picture with this post is from that lunch). A group of construction workers chowing down on ribs nearby surely wondered what the hell those girls were screeching about.

A few other great reads you should check out when you have time:

  • This article by my friend Sarah Stillman at the New Yorker, named the May Sidney winner by the Hillman Foundation for exposing how U.S. immigration policy is benefiting organized crime and endangering children.
  • ProPublica examines how Arizona’s cotton crop is draining the drought-stricken Colorado River (great headline).
  • And Nolan Clay at the Oklahoman with a truly disturbing story revealing that Oklahoma’s Commission on Children and Youth (which oversees DHS) “found that a total of nine children from the ages of 7 to 17 had been placed in handcuffs” by off-duty officers at a state-run emergency shelter.