The past year has demonstrated the critical need for independent investigative journalism in Oklahoma.  

This year, donors to The Frontier like you helped me uncover the cottage industry of Oklahoma attorneys who set up “ghost owner” medical marijuana grows. I also followed the continued fallout from the February 2021 winter storm on small towns struggling to pay natural gas bills and the political resurgence of gamefowl breeders hoping to decriminalize cockfighting in the state. 

With your financial support, The Frontier followed the culture wars in Oklahoma, including how a poorly-understood and relatively little-known social theory became a hot-button issue of this election season.

Your contributions also helped fund our collaboration with Oklahoma Watch, which helped to uncover lax government oversight on federal pandemic relief money and reveal the financial interests of the man who hopes to run the state school system.

Over the course of this election year, we fact-checked candidate debates, political ads and other claims to help voters find the truth— no easy feat during a tight election year, where falsehoods almost seem to be the rule, not the exception.

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