Caroline Guerra

Caroline Guerra


Q: Why should people care that the zoning code has changed?

A: Our current zoning code is terribly outdated; in fact, the zoning code hasn’t been overhauled since the 1970s. I’m 100 percent sure that our collective vision for Tulsa has changed since the ’70s—our understanding of what makes a healthy, happy city has improved dramatically — and we need a framework that will help us bring Tulsa into the 21st century.

Q: What do you believe is the most important proposed change made to the zoning code? Explain why the change is significant and its impact on the community.

A: The proposed parking reductions are a crucial step toward making this city more walkable, as well as more aesthetically attractive. Vast parking lots are often an ugly waste of space, and I like that this code will allow us to use our land more effectively.

Q: What proposed change was not made to the code that you wish had been made?

A: One of the things our crew discussed is making the character overlays easier to obtain. These overlays are a great tool to have in order to customize zoning for our more unique neighborhoods and districts.

Q: Do you believe the code changes have made developing a project in Tulsa easier or harder? Why?

A: The proposed changes will make developing a project here easier — especially the types of projects (think: mixed-used development) that young people, in particular, want to see.

Q: What issue in the proposed zoning code update would you encourage city councilors to examine most closely? Why?

A: With something like a city zoning code, the vast majority of citizens won’t have the time to go through this proposal with a fine-tooth comb, and those who do take that time often have such a personal stake in the outcome that they aren’t necessarily seeing the big picture. I would encourage our city councilors to maintain strong lines of communication with those whose job it is to see the big picture: our city planners. If they see potential issues, the City Council should work with them to iron those out.

Q: If you were king or queen for a day and you could change one thing about the new code, what would you change?

A: If I were queen for a day, I would go ahead and pass the new code so we can start using it!