In apparently unrelated incidents at the Tulsa Jail over the past week, a male prisoner housed in segregation died and three female inmates were transported to the hospital after overdosing on smuggled drugs, The Frontier has learned.

The death and overdoses follow at least one other serious incident that has occurred during Sheriff Vic Regalado’s first two months in office. Regalado declined to comment Monday on the death and overdoses.

On May 2, deputies used a patrol car to transport prisoner David Fulps II to the hospital. Fulps suffered a broken neck, back and pelvis at the jail but the sheriff’s office has so far refused to release records related to his case.

The Frontier has filed a lawsuit against Regalado and the Tulsa County Criminal Justice Authority seeking videos and records related to Fulps’ case and the March death of another inmate in the jail.

Prisoner Leo Horn, 58, is listed in jail records as deceased. A spokesman for EMSA said he could not confirm details about any patient but that a male prisoner was transported from the jail Friday.

Prisoner Leo Horn died Saturday after he was transported from the jail Friday.

Prisoner Leo Horn died Saturday after he was transported from the jail Friday.

Horn has been held in the jail since August 2015 on rape charges, to which he pleaded not guilty. His jail mugshot shows that he had a tracheotomy tube and sources who requested anonymity told The Frontier that Horn may have died after pulling the tube out.

In an unrelated incident, three women were transported via ambulance from the jail after they overdosed on drugs smuggled into the jail. Sources told The Frontier that the overdoses happened after a prisoner smuggled in liquid PCP, a powerful hallucinogenic street drug, but officials have not confirmed that detail.

A spokesman for EMSA confirmed that two women were transported from the jail to a hospital Wednesday and one was transported Friday. No other information about the women was available.

Under former Sheriff Stanley Glanz, the jail was named in more than 20 civil rights lawsuits, many over deaths and injuries in the jail. Those suits include one filed by the estate of Elliot Williams, a mentally ill man who suffered a broken neck in the jail.

Jail medical personnel and detention officers thought Williams was faking paralysis and he died after languishing on the floor without food, water or medical attention for days.

During public appearances and forums for his campaign, Regalado has not specifically detailed how he plans to improve or change jail operations. Jail medical care is currently overseen by the same company that Glanz contracted with, Armor Correctional Services Inc.