Tell us your story about Oklahoma rehabs that use unpaid labor

The Frontier has joined a coalition of more than 100 journalists working to uncover abusive practices at rehab programs.

The CAAIR Program in Jay sends participants to work in chicken plants and takes all of their wages, a Reveal investigation found in 2017. Shoshana Walter/Reveal

In July, The Frontier joined Reveal’s Rehab Reporting Network, a coalition of more than 100 local journalists who are investigating rehabs that require residents to work for free in exchange for treatment.

This arrangement has led to abuse and exploitation across America. In Oklahoma, people struggling with addiction were forced to work in chicken plants under threat of prison. In North Carolina, residents of one facility were placed in adult care homes with little training, then charged with dispensing the very drugs that landed them in recovery.

Reveal’s reporters have tracked the issue for more than a year, uncovering story after story and earning a Pulitzer Finalist nod in 2018. Along the way, they gathered dozens of tips about work-based rehabs – far more than they could ever track down on their own.

That’s where The Frontier comes in. We’re looking for more tips about rehabs that require unpaid labor in Oklahoma, and we want to hear from you.

Tell us about your experience using the form below. Your story will help inform our ongoing efforts to expose wrongdoing at these facilities.

Tell us your story using this form. 

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Brianna Bailey

Brianna Bailey grew up in Idaho. Oklahoma is her adopted home. Bailey has covered issues ranging from Oklahoma's strained child welfare system to the slow decline of Oklahoma's rural hospitals. She has walked all the way across Oklahoma City twice, once north-to south via Western Avenue and once via the old U.S. Route 66. Her hobbies are baking and crashing meetings she isn't invited to attend. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from The University of Oklahoma. Email her at