Tulsa Shock minority owner W. Stuart Price on Wednesday called the team’s majority owner Bill Cameron “morally delinquent” and said that in the early years of the franchise Cameron came to Tulsa “mostly to get drunk and party.”

Cameron’s behavior contributed to the team’s losing $9 million in its first three years, Price said in an email.

“His erratic behavior and bad business decisions led to huge business losses that were not in line with what he promised to the investors, which was to be profitable and win a WNBA Championship in Tulsa,” Price said.

Price’s statement comes after attorneys for Cameron referred to Price as “delinquent member Price” in recent court filings.

Price filed a lawsuit against Cameron and others alleging breach of contract after Cameron announced July 20 that he was moving the team to Dallas.

Also named as defendants are Cameron Sports LLC; CB Hoops LLC; Chris Christian; and Texasou LLC.

The lawsuit alleges that Price had been told the team would remain in Tulsa when he purchased a minority stake in the team in 2009.

Cameron’s attorneys deny Price’s claim and have asked a Tulsa County district court judge to dismiss the case.

Cameron’s attorneys also assert that Price twice failed to make required capital contributions totaling $145,000.

Price’s attorney, Joel Wohlgemuth, said Wednesday that his client was never required to make capital contributions to the franchise.

“He never had any obligation to put anything in, contrary to the allegation,” Wohlgemuth said.

Price said Wednesday that Cameron was lying again and that there were many reasons minority owners did not make capital contributions.

“But mostly (it was) because he (Cameron) was inattentive, goofy and his business judgements and actions were not tasteful and not keeping in line with the WNBA high standard of conduct,” Price said.

He also called Cameron a “spoiled rich kid” who inherited his parents’ money before going on to treat women, Shock employees, investors and sponsors disrespectfully.

“Bill Cameron is simply unprincipled,” Price said.

The Shock is having its best season since the team moved from Detroit to Tulsa in 2010.

The team has a 15-14 record and has qualified for the playoffs for the first time in six years.

Attorneys for Cameron did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday.