A client living at the Robert M. Greer Center in Enid died at a local hospital over Memorial Day weekend, according to law enforcement. 

Police began investigating the death Tuesday, said Enid Detective Frank Bruno. No additional information was immediately available on the circumstances surrounding the death, including if there were existing medical conditions or if there were any concerns over abuse or neglect. 

“We’re just looking into this because we were contacted and got some information about it and believe that it was worth looking into,” Bruno said. “We are still at the very beginning of looking into it.”

Oklahoma Human Services is also investigating the death but a spokeswoman said she could not share additional details because the agency didn’t want to “jeopardize” any of the ongoing investigations. The Oklahoma Disability Law Center has also launched an investigation into the death. The State Department of Health learned of the death Tuesday and has surveyors at the facility, the agency said. 

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At least eight former Greer Center staff have been criminally charged with caretaker abuse since late last year when allegations of abuse — including beatings, chokings and bribing clients to attack each other — became public. The Greer Center treats individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health conditions. The facility can also handle medical care unless a client needs skilled nursing, according to its contract with the state. 

Since then, state and federal officials have been on-site at Greer. In response to alleged abuse, lawmakers approved a new law this year to move the advocacy office that is supposed to investigate client maltreatment out of Oklahoma Human Services and over to the State Department of Health. 

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There have been no deaths of Greer Center residents since at least 2019, according to data obtained by The Frontier

Liberty of Oklahoma Corporation, the private, for-profit company that manages the Greer Center, is required to document any time a client has a serious or suspicious injury, according to its current state contract. 

When a client dies, state policy requires a mortality review, including interviews with staff that worked with the client and reviews of medical history and hospital documents. 

A spokeswoman for Liberty said the company had notified the appropriate agencies but could not share further information. 

“The leadership and staff of Liberty of Oklahoma Corporation are deeply saddened by the passing of one of its residents,” an emailed statement said. “We will continue to keep the resident’s family in our thoughts and prayers as we support our residents and staff during this difficult time.”

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