It’s taken almost four years, but the Tulsa City Council on Wednesday approved the adoption of the regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

The GO Plan, as it is called, establishes a prioritized list of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects for Tulsa and 10 surrounding communities.

In Tulsa, for example, the plan envisions the construction of $73.3 million in bicycle infrastructure projects, ranging from buffered bike lanes to signed routes to cycle tracks.

That’s the goal. But as Jennifer Haddaway, a transportation planner for the Indian Nations Council of Governments, explains in today’s podcast, the true test of the city’s commitment to the plan will come when it is asked to pay to implement it.

So far, so good. Tulsa voters have already approved approximately $7 million for implementation.

For Haddaway, the City Council’s vote is big news. The GO Plan is in place. People can go to and see what bicycle and pedestrian projects are planned, and if they choose, ask their city to fund them.

Enjoy our conversation.