For this week’s Listen Frontier podcast we went back to A Gathering Place for Tulsa park to speak with Jeff Stava and Paul Zachary.

Stava is with the George Kaiser Family Foundation, which is building the park with financial assistance from local corporate and philanthropic donors. Zachary, director of the city’s Engineering Services department, is overseeing the reconstruction of the stretch of Riverside Drive that runs through the park.

The city and GKFF announced Wednesday that the park and the roadway will open in the late spring or summer of 2018. That’s about six months later than expected. Officials blamed the delay on heavy rains and other weather-related factors.

With that news out of the way, The Frontier asked Zachary what the new Riverside Drive will look like and asked Stava to explain why one piece of the park, the Chapman Foundations Adventure Playground, will be opened earlier than the rest of the park.

Here’s what they had to say.

P.S.  Video journalist Dylan Roberts joined us for our interviews. He is producing a 360 video about A Gathering Place that will be released on The Frontier soon.