In the past year, The Frontier uncovered a state contractor’s questionable spending for  restaurants at state parks

We joined forces with Oklahoma Watch to investigate Oklahoma’s lax oversight of pandemic relief funds meant for educational supplies that instead went to purchase video game consoles and outdoor grills, among other items. 

Our joint reporting also uncovered that Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters makes at least $120,000 a year as executive director of a nonprofit organization that keeps its donors secret.

State lawmakers cited our reporting when overriding Gov. Kevin Stitt’s veto of a bill requiring cabinet members and agency leaders appointed by the governor to file financial disclosures.

When Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor launched an investigation into whether many classic works of literature violated the state obscenity law, we broke the story. 

Our months-long investigation revealed Oklahoma City hospitals discharge some homeless patients to the street. 

And after the overturn of Roe V. Wade, we helped document cases of women criminally prosecuted after miscarriages or stillbirths in Oklahoma and nationwide. 

We also had the story first when the state waived competitive bidding to give an unprofitable startup company a potentially lucrative government contract for electric vehicles. 

We reported these stories in keeping with The Frontier’s mission to produce fearless, independent journalism with impact. We hold those in power accountable, give a voice to the powerless and tell stories that matter to Oklahomans.

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