Cell by Cell: Tracking every death in Oklahoma jails


Over the past five years, at least 115 people have died in Oklahoma jails.

This year, The Frontier is launching a project to track every jail death in the state. We’re calling this project Cell by Cell.

We hope to uncover more about how and why people die in Oklahoma jails. Each of the state’s 77 counties has at least one jail, and several cities have police lockups. In rural parts of the state, deaths often go unnoticed, and occasionally, unreported.

Jail officials are required to report inmate deaths to the Oklahoma State Department of Health immediately but that doesn’t always happen.

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Kassie McClung

Staff writer

Kassie McClung joined The Frontier in May 2016. She reports on health, criminal justice and other state issues. Kassie holds a bachelors degree in multimedia journalism from Oklahoma State University. She likes dogs, maps and data. She can be reached at Kassie@readfrontier.com or 918-935-1044. Follow her on Twitter @KassieMcClung.