Perfection is overrated.

I say this as someone who currently has a broken finger and a root canal that may have to be redone.

September is starting off a little rough.

Maybe also because I adopted one of the world’s naughtiest rescue dogs.

Things Goldie Hawn has chewed up lately:

-The remote control to our Roku player
-My husband’s prescription eyeglasses
-Every tube of chapstick I own
-Our living room rug
-Every single tomato, green pepper and blackberry I managed to grow in my garden this summer (my garden yield was almost this sad, but still).

When we took her to the lake recently, she managed to get in a doggy fight, knock over Ziva’s wine glass and pee on Dylan (sorry about that, man).

A few things that are helping me keep my sense of humor:

Goldie is not the only naughty wiener dog around. Check out this video of a wiener dog gone wild at a minor league ballpark in Texas (you have to get past the dog race first).

And these hilarious Pinterest fails.

A lot of my girlfriends have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest because it creates a sort of pressure to be so perfect and crafty.

So here’s to embracing the epic fails.