Have you seen our video of Kevin Canfield quizzing citizens of Tulsa about their local government?

Things we never knew before we launched The Frontier: Canfield is YouTube gold.

We joke all the time about how we just need a GoPro on him like 24 hours a day to capture all his antics. He’s known to make dramatic exits from our office by saying: “If you need me, just call 1-800-Getting-it-done.”

We’re thinking of making his video interviews a regular feature now.

October brings so many of my favorite thing to Tulsa: the fair, Oktoberfest and Tulsa Run (though I have not been keeping up my training runs to hang with the 15k crowd this year).

One of our goals at The Frontier is to bring you serious investigative and in-depth journalism, but we try to mix in a little fun, too. Hence the lighter blogs, podcasts, book reviews and features we’ve been bringing you.

We’ve got so many great stories coming in the next few weeks and months (I could tell you, but that would ruin the surprise for various public officials), I’m excited for you to see what we’ve been working on.

We are so appreciative of our charter members joining us as we launch this new model of reader-supported, in-depth local journalism.

But now I’m going to give the public what they really want: More pictures of Goldie Hawn (my dachshund mix) being bad. She will chew anything, especially if it’s something she’s not supposed to have.

I think as punishment, I may enter her in the Dachshund Dash at Oktoberfest on Sunday. How about we put a GoPro on Goldie?