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Chris Lieberman at the start of a Route 66 Marathon race. Courtesy.

Facebook can either be a fun tool that brings us together or a wedge that drives people apart.

In an election year, I’m sure plenty of people have experienced the latter. Rants about opposing political parties, favorite candidates and least-favorite candidates. It reminds us all why the “hide” button exists, though I’m sure more impetuous folks unfriend with abandon.

Earlier this month, Facebook reminded me why I don’t hate it.

Though the “memories” feature sometimes reminds you in the middle of a work day: “Oh, hey, your beloved dog died two years ago today,” it sometimes brings up funny things you’ve forgotten about.

Around the beginning of March, it reminded me that my friend Chris Lieberman once started a Facebook group called “Kashi Go-Lean Crunch Makes Me Fart Like Don King” (at least that’s how I remember the story, the Facebook note that popped up leads to a now-defunct Tulsa World blog I used to write).

But it made me smile during a sad week.

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Chris Lieberman, life of the party. Courtesy.

I got to know Chris and his lovely girlfriend, Kimi, through fitness events in Tulsa, including the 2010 Route 66 Marathon (once upon a time, Jason Ashley Wright and I were race ambassadors and ran the half marathon together).

Chris is always the one making everyone laugh. I always think of him as that kid smiling while the teacher is sending him to detention.

Two days before that Facebook memory popped up, Chris fell off a ladder and suffered a severe head injury/brain bleed. He’s been in the ICU since, and it’s been a scary time for his friends and family. Those who know him and love him can stay updated here and send positive thoughts and prayers.

Chris is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. He dreams big for Tulsa, so big that he helped start a marathon and a music festival for the city.


Cary and her friend, Jason Ashley Wright, several years ago while filming videos for the Route 66 Marathon. Chris commented on FB: “Hey, I took that photo!”

When Jason and I were feeling self-conscious or weird about making preview videos for the marathon back in 2010, he would just laugh and tell us we were funny and cute together (despite being totally inept on camera).

He came by our offices at The Frontier just a few weeks before his accident, touring 36°N and giving me a giant hug. We promised each other we’d go to a happy hour soon, and I’m going to hold him to that once he recovers.

I’m so grateful his family has been keeping us all updated through Facebook, and I’m praying for a swift recovery for our friend. The guy who has cheered so many of us across the finish line could use our positive thoughts now.

So Chris: I promise, when you get better, I will try to persuade Jason to run the half marathon with me again. Or at least to make him eat a bowl of Kashi Go-Lean Crunch so we can laugh at him.