It’s been a busy week for Team Frontier tackling a lot of heavy topics.

Time to get back to the tiny things, at least on this blog.

October in Oklahoma makes me so happy: It’s finally cooling off, and it’s the perfect weather for watching football, making chili and going to the Tulsa State Fair.

Dylan and I spent the afternoon at the fair yesterday, for a feature story and video we’re working on about the mad scientists behind the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show.


One of the beautifully iced entries at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art show.

With all the heavy subjects we write about, we like to mix in some features for our members. I loved reading my former editor Mark Brown’s review of “American Buffalo, In Search of a Lost Icon” last week.

And last month, Kevin and Dylan introduced us to local barbers Tyson Thompson and Chris Staten

I can’t wait to introduce you to some of the competitors we met Friday at the sugar art show. You may have admired the rows of beautiful cakes at the fair while hunting for fried perfection on a stick, but you should know how much work goes into these works of art.

I love this weather, and I love everything about the fair (except for parking). I love the fact that Tulsa has its own “state” fair instead of a county-sized one. I love the people watching, the buttercream sculptures, the baking competitions, the product hucksters, the baby livestock and of course, the food.

The fair is a tofu- and kale-free zone. I did manage to find a vegetable, though: fried-green tomatoes, with ranch.


  Goldie Hawn loves fall, too. Especially digging up the mums we planted.  

Justin planted fall mums, and Goldie Hawn has decided to dig them up. #baddog #rescuedogs

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