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Author: Clifton Adcock

A veteran investigative reporter who has covered eastern Oklahoma for more than 15 years, Clifton joined The Frontier in April 2017. A native of southeastern Oklahoma, he has covered numerous issues from criminal justice to politics for publications including the Tulsa World, the Oklahoma Gazette, and Oklahoma Watch. Clifton holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma. Clifton can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @cliftonhowze

Videos show Oklahoma deputy and others illegally used live rabbits to train racing dogs, greyhound protection group says

The ramifications of GREY2K USA Worldwide’s videos, filmed without the knowledge of the trainers, could have a much wider effect on the dog racing industry as a whole, as almost all of the dogs are shipped to other states to perform in sanctioned races, and some of the individuals filmed allegedly doing live-lure training co-own dogs or train dogs for individuals who are highly-placed in the national dog racing industry, according to the group.

Tulsa County cancels Immigration and Customs Enforcement jail contract

Though Monday’s vote means that the contract to hold immigration detainees for ICE at the jail will end in 90 days, it does not end the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office’s contract with the federal agency to hold and turn over to ICE people with suspected immigration violations who are initially booked in to the jail on other complaints, known as the 287(g) program.