Welcome to The Saloon

Disclaimer: The Saloon is The Frontier’s home for opinions and commentary on issues of importance to our community. The views expressed here are those of the authors and not of The Frontier or its reporters. For more information on contributing to The Saloon, send an email to saloon@readfrontier.com


With our transition from a for-profit to a nonprofit model, The Frontier has also created a new addition to our website for commentary and opinion: The Saloon.

We’ll invite newsmakers and unsung heroes to write about a variety of topics impacting the city, state or nation. Members of our staff will also use Saloon to post analysis on issues we care about, including one of our core issues: encouraging government transparency.

We hope this section of our site can offer members of the community a place to debate ideas and share opinions on important issues or to share a personal column highlighting a program or individual whose work deserves to be recognized.

If you’d like to contribute an opinion piece to Saloon, please send an email to ziva@readfrontier.com for more information.

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Ziva Branstetter

Editor in Chief / Staff Writer

Ziva maintains she was always too nosy to be anything other than a reporter. Though she's on a new adventure with The Frontier, she spent more than 25 years in the newspaper business, making politicians nervous and making sure readers got the truth. Contact: ziva@readfrontier.com or 918-520-0406.