When we became a nonprofit in late 2016, one of the driving factors behind that decision was the idea that we wanted to create journalism for every citizen in Oklahoma.

That meant we could take down our paywall and no longer would there be a barrier between our stories and the public who wanted to read them.

At The Frontier, we believe in providing a voice to Oklahomans who feel powerless, who feel taken advantage of. So we felt like it was a disservice to do journalism in support of the voiceless, and then hide their story behind a paywall they couldn’t afford to bypass.

The flipside is that it still costs money to fund and grow a newsroom.

That’s where you come in. When you donate to The Frontier, you not only support our newsroom and our reporters, you support your fellow Oklahomans — Okies who want to be informed about their state but don’t have the means to afford to pay for news.