Listen Frontier: We discuss our switch to a non-profit model

Ziva Branstetter, Kevin Canfield, and Bobby Lorton discuss what The Frontier's switch to a non-profit model means for our readers.
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Listen Frontier: Have acts of hate increased since the election?

Have hate acts increased since Donald Trump was elected president? Or are we just seeing a continuation of feelings and incidents from well before he had even declared his intentions to run?
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Listen Frontier: Tulsa’s booming but its flag is lame. That’s about to change

For more information on why the city is getting a new flag and to submit ideas, go to
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Listen Frontier: State questions, presidential election w/Ziva and Barry

Frontier editor Ziva Branstetter and contributor Barry Friedman run down the various state questions on our ballot, and check in on the race for president.
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Listen Frontier: Tulsa leaders get serious about addressing residents’ mental health care needs

The University of Tulsa, in partnership with private and public entities, created a steering committee to identify a firm to assess the area's mental health care needs and come up with a 10-year plan to address them.
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Listen Frontier: Talking elections w/Tulsa County Men’s Republican Club President Darren Gantz

On this week's Listen Frontier, we talk with Tulsa County Men's Republican Club President Darren Gantz to get the conservative perspective on the presidential election, local and state elections, and state questions.
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Listen Frontier: ‘3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets’ in Tulsa

'3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets' reconstructs the night of the murder, the trial, and Jordan's parents' journey through grief and activism.
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Listen Frontier: Wabi Bicycles grand opening

On this week's Listen Frontier podcast, we talk about the growth of Tulsa's biking community with three guests you'll be sure and want to hear from.
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Listen Frontier: Tulsa State Fair edition

Kevin Canfield talks with Tony Diaz, Gary Oldham, and Mark Andrus as this year's Tulsa State Fair kicks off.
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Listen Frontier: Tulsa YWCA National Voter Registration Day

Mana Tahaie with YWCA Tulsa talks with The Frontier about their National Voter Registration drive.
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