Listen Frontier: TPS Superintendent Deborah Gist talks about Oklahoma school funding

Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Deborah Gist talks to City Councilors on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015. DYLAN GOFORTH/The Frontier
TPS Superintendent Deborah Gist talks about teacher pay and school funding with The Frontier's Ziva Branstetter.
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Black Tulsans talk about their heroes

Leading up to Martin Luther King. Jr. Day, we asked prominent black Tulsans to tell us who their heroes are and why. Here are their stories.
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Listen Frontier: The environment, the EPA, and Oklahoma Earthquakes

We sit down with Barbara VanHanken of the Oklahoma Sierra Club and Bob Jackman about Oklahoma's environment and what, if any, effects Scott Pruitt's appointment to head the EPA will have.
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Listen Frontier: Barry Friedman looks ahead to 2017

2016 was full of surprises, so surely 2017 will take the opposite approach, right? Maybe not, says Barry Friedman.
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Watch Frontier: Can Tulsans spot fake news?

Street Beat With Kevin Canfield
"Fake news" is a popular term these days. We asked these Tulsans a bunch of questions; Some of the answers were true, some were fake. How did they do?
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Listen Frontier: It’s been a long, strange year

We all thought 2015 was a weird year, then we were graced with 2016. The staff of The Frontier discusses the biggest stories of the year.
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Watch Frontier: The best Gathering Place For Tulsa photos you’ve never seen

7/7/16 7:55:33 AM -- Continuing construction on the boathouse, playgrounds, lodge, and removal of sand from the Arkansas River in Jenks

Photo by Shane Bevel
Shane Bevel has been documenting the construction of A Gathering Place For Tulsa since well before most people even knew what it was.
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Watch Frontier: Big changes happening at A Gathering Place For Tulsa

Vehicle treadmarks are left in the sand as construction continues at A Gathering Place For Tulsa. DYLAN GOFORTH/The Frontier
As a little pre-Christmas treat, The Frontier is taking you behind the scenes to see some substantial changes taking place at specific parts of the park.
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Listen Frontier: Booksmart Tulsa’s Jeff Martin tells us about his favorite books of 2016

Jeff Martin found an unexpected treasure in New York City. He tells us about it in this week's Read Frontier. Courtesy
Booksmart Tulsa's Jeff Martin stopped by today to talk about his favorite books of the year, as well as to pass on some gift advice as we near Christmas.
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Listen Frontier: Teach For America and Computer Science Education Week

The Frontier and Teach For America are teaming up to bring you education-related topics every month.
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