Q: What is The Frontier and who owns it?
A: The Frontier is a nonprofit news website devoted to investigative and in-depth stories produced by some of the best journalists in the state. Our reporters have been named finalists for the Pulitzer Prize and have won many other national and state awards. Our company, Frontier Media Group Inc., is overseen by a board including Robert E. Lorton III, the former publisher of the Tulsa World.

Q: Why did you decide to start The Frontier?
A: Because people are increasingly reading news online, the financial model for news organizations has changed dramatically in recent years. As news organizations have faced these financial challenges, they have cut reporting staff, cut space devoted to serious journalism and made other changes that have impacted the vital watchdog role journalists play in our society. We want to return to the work of providing quality journalism and trust that our readers and the community will support us.

Q: Do I still have to pay for access to your stories?

A: The Frontier was established as a for-profit corporation in 2015 and required readers to pay a monthly or per-story fee for access to most stories. On Nov. 29, 2016, we transitioned to a nonprofit model. That means readers no longer have to pay for access to our stories. However, we do need your financial support to continue our mission of serving as your government watchdog.

Q: How do I report an error in a story, reach an editor with a question or pass along a story idea?
A: You can send us an email to info@readfrontier.com, fill out our online comment form or email or call any one of The Frontier staff directly. Here’s a staff list with contact information for each one of us: https://www.readfrontier.com/contact-us/ We have a small staff but we strive to respond quickly to your emails and calls. We value your support, input and suggestions.

Q: What kind of experience does your staff have?
A: Between us, we have more than 100 years of combined experience reporting, writing and editing for newspapers and news websites in Oklahoma and elsewhere. We continue to believe no community can thrive without a strong daily newspaper.

Q: What are the benefits of supporting The Frontier?
A: Our journalists will be working tirelessly for you, to uncover and discover the truth about important issues, events and people in your community and state. By reading our stories, you will be better informed and armed with the information you need to be an engaged and effective citizen.

Q: How often will you post stories?
A: The frequency varies according to the news stories we are producing. Our model focuses on quality and depth rather than quantity. We won’t waste your valuable time with celebrity news and other stories written primarily to drive web traffic or video ads that auto-play.

Q. How will I know when a new story is posted?
A: If you have a Facebook account, be sure to like The Frontier on Facebook and if you’re on Twitter, follow @readfrontier. We post all of our stories and blogs to social media so you’ll know when we post something new. If you aren’t on Facebook or Twitter, just let us know how often you want to be notified of new postings. We send out emails with links to our best new stories on a regular basis. Sign up for our email list here.

Q: Is there a Frontier app?
A: Here’s how to make a Frontier app for your phone. It’s easy! https://www.readfrontier.com/spotlight/add-the-frontier-to-your-phones-home-screen/

Q: Can I link to your content from my website?
A: Yes! Please do. But please don’t misrepresent the content in any way or fail to give us credit for our work. If you want to discuss republishing any of our content (as more than a link), please contact Editor in Chief Dylan Goforth, dylan@readfrontier.com

Q: Are you going to expand your staff? I’d like to work for The Frontier.
A: We are always interested in finding great freelance writers and photographers and we hope to expand our staff in the future. Please contact dylan@readfrontier.com for more information.

Q: What is your coverage area? Do you only cover Tulsa or all of the state? What about Oklahoma City?
A: We focus on issues of statewide importance, such as health care, the environment and the death penalty, as well as politics and criminal justice. We will cover any story of importance to Oklahomans.