Robert E. Lorton III


There’s a reason for journalism cliches like “ink in the blood.”

Once you are part of the energy and excitement of a newsroom, it’s difficult to leave it behind.

But after eight years as publisher of the Tulsa World, Robert Lorton III left the business when his family sold the newspaper. So, as The Frontier begins, the question is: Why go back?

“I have a passion for in-depth stories and in-depth stories that mean something to me, stories that make me react,” Lorton said. “I love Oklahoma. I still love the newspaper business, but the model has changed.”

Lorton started his career in 1989 and learned the newspaper business by working in various departments. In 1992, he was named Vice President of Administration and Operations at the Tulsa World. In 1998, he was promoted to President and then became publisher in 2002.

The decision to launch The Frontier didn’t come easy. Lorton felt the itch to get back into the business, but how? He didn’t feel confident chasing an ad-based model he had seen others struggle with, and eventually settled on a different plan.

“Most websites that are news sites are flooded with surface news with a dose of in-depth investigative news, which makes it very hard to find that critical story that I think is more impactful,” Lorton said.

“I’m going back to a simpler format that is more impactful and is not cluttered with ads, flashing videos, or anything that would distract you from what you’re there for.”